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Siddharth Karnavat

Posted on May 18, 2018
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“Stringent Interview Prep”
My association with ReachIvy started with a counseling session. The session was extremely impactful and helped me build my profile and focus on top schools for a niche course. Further I went on to sign up for the application package. From the word ‘go’ the entire team came together to make my applications really stand out. The brainstorming sessions being the most crucial, strategically brought out different aspects of my profile to position my candidacy in the best possible manner. The expert essay editors helped trim off any redundant information, leaving my essays sharp and structured, each specific to the school that I was applying to. Lastly my interview prep was the most crucial part of the admissions process; and I must admire and strongly recommend the stringent interview prep ReachIvy offers. Thanks to my association with ReachIvy I got interview invites from 4 top US Schools i.e. Columbia, Cornell, NYU and Johns Hopkins; and I am on my way to Columbia University this year! My experience of working with the team has been enormously pleasurable and I would definitely recommend ReachIvy – if you wish to bring out the winner in you!