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Shivaan Ghai

Posted on May 29, 2018
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“Global Expertise”
“I started my application process with a counselling session after which we immediately got cracking on my applications – I started with signing up for the 5 school application package and went on sign up for 5 additional schools!
I come from a business family and had specific programs that I wanted to target in particular schools. ReachIvy supported me 100% on all my decisions. They laid out my options in front of me minus any trimmings so that I could make informed choices. I was glad that in spite of being in Bombay, I was able to get the teams global expertise. We worked effortlessly across time zones. The brainstorming sessions were hugely impactful. We got every minute important detail of the puzzle to fit in the right place to make my essays stunning and pertinent to each school. When I thought the magic act was over, the editorial team started work on my essays. They gave my words further direction and finesse to leave me with crisp and succinct essays and I got accepted at NYU!
I attribute my success to the ReachIvy team and whole heartedly recommend their services if you want to reach your dream school. “