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Pranay Himmatraopet

Posted on May 18, 2018
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“Instrumental in Making Perfect Applications”
“My experience with ReachIvy was just wonderful. I chose the 5 school comprehensive package. The step by step process ReachIvy follows, was instrumental in making the perfect applications to the schools. The counselling session was quite enlightening as I understood my profile better and was able to plan out on where I could improve, so as to be more competitive with the fellow applicants. The college selection session made me shortlist on schools which would be an ideal fit for me and also be realistically possible to get in. The ReachIvy expert was amazing with planning out strategies to tackle the essay questions. He was able to extract the best of my profile and help me in framing it perfectly to answer the questions. The interview prep was a much necessary step as the expert trained me to face the questions in a much more appealing way.  All in all I would conclude by saying that without ReachIvy, my process of applying to schools would have been a much harder one and thanks to the team I was able to do it in a very short time line as well.”