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Nikul Roshania

Posted on May 18, 2018
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“Easy and Insightful”
“I signed up for the 7 school MBA package as it contained a number of brainstorming sessions, essay reviews and a number of interview prep sessions – all of which I attribute to my successful admission. Working with the team was extremely easy! The brainstorming sessions were fluid and the ReachIvy team was well prepared every time. When I started, I had already written my essays before starting with my brainstorming session, which I believed were quite strong and was only looking for ReachIvy to refine them. What happened next baffled me. ReachIvy started the process by getting to know me personally, understanding my story, fleshing out my strengths and weaknesses. ReachIvy Experts gave me a complete re-haul of my essay strategy, my stories & my goals.This allowed us to form a cohesive strategy and story which then was converted into an essay quite easily. The essays were then reviewed by experienced individuals who themselves have attended top schools . This added level of insight was a make or break situation as it lent a more insightful and detailed framework to what each of the admission committee wanted to understand about the candidate. This also helped me get interviews with 3 top ranked schools and the Deans Scholarship from Oxford, which was awarded to a single individual in the whole class. Yes, I would recommend ReachIvy to all!”