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Mihir Patki

Posted on May 21, 2018
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“Conclusive Outcome”
“I had already secured admits to Oxford Said, Rotman and Manchester Business School when I contacted ReachIvy for advice on making a final decision. I am not a registered student with ReachIvy and my only connection is a chance meeting with Vibha at an information session of an university. Despite not being a registered student, my query was answered by Vibha in one day over the phone. I had discussed my choice of school with other counselors, current students and alumni.However everyone merely put forth good comments about each school and gave diplomatic answers without any conclusive outcome. Vibha on the other hand spoke with a lot of conviction and helped me decide on my choice after discussing my past experience, long term goals, expectations from an MBA and even immigration for my spouse. All this with a turn around time of 1 day and pro bono! I wish I had enrolled with ReachIvy earlier. Had I done so, I am sure that the last year which I spent applying to b schools would have been a joy ride!”