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Manvitha Janagam

Posted on May 21, 2018
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“Exceptional Guidance”
“I signed up with ReachIvy for a complete 5 school package for my MBA applications. From day one, ReachIvy Team helped me be extremely organised and approach the applications in a pre-defined procedure. The first step was to choose my colleges and decide on the application rounds for each college so as to spend sufficient time on each of the colleges. Each of the application had a brainstorming session to decide the flavor and story of the application. I would definitely recommend the brainstorming sessions and give it the highest rating possible. These sessions helped me read through my life stories which I wouldn’t have paid attention to otherwise. In addition, the essay editing and the interview preparations were also done with equal expertise and exceptional guidance. I would definitely recommend ReachIvy’s services to everyone who is aiming big in their career and education.

A heartfelt thanks to your team!”