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Karan Soorma

Posted on May 29, 2018
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“Turned My Essays 360 Degrees”
“My association with ReachIvy started with counseling (profile building) sessions. Together, we charted my educational journey, where I was and where I wanted to reach. I signed up for the 3 school application package. It was effortless working with the ReachIvy team due to their processes. In spite of being based in Mumbai, I interacted with the entire team via email/skype and on their collaborative platform for my applications. Not once did any of my questions/concerns go unanswered. The ReachIvy manuals, gave a step by step approach to tackle the compound applications. Complimented by the brainstorming sessions, my stories took form of essays. Additionally, the essay editing turned my essays 360 degrees. I greatly credit my admit to Columbia Business School to ReachIvy and surely recommend B school aspirants to get in touch with them now!”