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Anubhav Gupta

Posted on May 29, 2018
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“Professional Team Who Have Really Been There and Done That!”
“ReachIvy and I started work on building my profile through a counselling session. The recommendations and suggestions made by the counsellor were extremely worthwhile. With the strengthened profile we started work on applications.
I then signed up for the 5 school application package. We began by drawing up a list of colleges. Working on the first application took me completely by surprise. The process was so structured and detailed that I was constantly pushed beyond my limit. The brainstorming forms were intuitive and urged me to think deeper. The session left me with a watertight plot. Kudos to the editorial team who enhanced the essays beyond expectation. Lastly, the interview prep sealed the deal. It really was the last bridge and ReachIvy helped me cross it to secure my admit at ISB!
I would most definitely encourage all applicants to sign up with ReachIvy. They are a professional team who have really been there and done that!”