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Abhishek Patel

Posted on May 29, 2018
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“Helped Set up My Career for Success”
“The MBA is the most important decision in my life, both financially and career wise.

My association with ReachIvy started with counselling sessions. The sessions first shaped my profile and geared it towards a top school.

Before I signed up for ReachIvy’s 5 school package, I read their glowing credentials on their website to ensure that I was in the right hands. And ReachIvy lived up to everything that their testimonials mentioned!

When we started working on my applications, I knew the team would give me candid and open feedback if I treaded down the wrong road. Let me be honest – this is one educational advisory service that’s going to make sure you work very hard, because they are invested in your application as you are! There were times during the process when I was extremely frustrated – in those times, the team was there for me.

When the interview invites rolled in, the team celebrated my joy, too! They were the first people I called.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the ReachIvy team for all the help and guidance. They really helped set up my career for success. You should sign up with them, too! “