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Test Prep Testimonials

Curious to know what our students have to say about the test prep services? These test prep testimonials are from students who have availed our online test prep solutions and aced their test.


“Practice exercises and answer explanations helped me a lot! I learned how to deal with each type of questions and I practiced in answering them in pace. Maths review was also helpful. I enjoyed reading some of your articles regarding SATs and colleges, too. Overall, your website is an irreplaceable tool for a high schooler who is getting ready for college.”



“Excellent practice material with a broad-covering explanation of the answer-choosing process. Great description of TOEFL logic and questions structure helped me better understand the way I should look for the right answer and cross out the wrong ones. Lectures helped to get familiar with most assignments and sample answers.”

Yendru Narendra

GMAT Score 720

“The course methodology is far superior to any simple tips or tricks.”

Michael Rooz


“It’s very rare to come across an excellent product combined with excellent support.”

Sumeet Vatsa

GMAT Score 730

“Multiple aspects of the course such as the rich content, well-placed examples, the amazing audio-visual lessons, the application files, and the coverage of concepts, etc. played a crucial role”

Arun Goenka

GMAT Score 760

“GMAT course makes the verbal section much more logical and understandable. This course removed much of the guesswork that I earlier used in this section. I found the e-GMAT way of audio visual learning modules along with pre and post tests after each concept is much more helpful than just reading books. This course helped me in pushing my verbal score from 35 (mock) to 41 and I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to improve in the Verbal section”

Saurab Debnath

GMAT Score 710

“From 540 to 710 – strictly by applying strategies learned through GMAT course!”

Gautam Singha

GMAT Score 720

“GMAT course and process played a crucial role in improving my score from V30 to V41”