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Master of Architecture (M.Arch)

A Master of Architecture degree is a professional degree that enables the candidate to take up a career in Architecture. It is both, a highly popular and challenging course that is interdisciplinary in nature, combining element of mathematics, engineering, cultural trends and creativity. This interdisciplinary nature, engaging both – the creative and the technical faculties of the individual – also makes this a highly fulfilling career choice for many individuals.

Course Overview:

Recognition: Globally Recognized

Duration: 2 years

Specializations/Subjects: Environmental Planning, Housing, Urban and Regional Planning, Industrial Design, Interior Architecture, etc.

Grading and Assessment: Varies based on country, university and subject.



Universities offering a Master of Architecture course require students to have a B.Arch degree. Those appearing for their final B.Arch examinations are also eligible candidates for the M.Arch degree. Universities abroad may also have eligibility and entrance tests that the candidate may have to pass aside from language proficiency metrics such as TOEFL and IELTS.

Why Do a Masters in Architecture/Is it Right for you?

A Masters in Architecture is a disciplined approach to the fundamentals of architecture that equips candidates to study the subject in order to further their careers as aspiring Architects. As much as it demands from the candidate, the course also is very fulfilling in its nature to those interested, owing to the blend of the creative and technical faculties of the person.

In choosing the degree that is correct for you, ask yourself the following questions:

Subjects: What subjects you wish to study?

Curriculum: Review the course content and teaching style thoroughly and ask yourself whether it is what you wish to learn.

Career Options: Does the degree put you on a path to realizing your career aspirations?

Entry Requirements: Do you have the appropriate entry requirements? E.g: Work experience or appropriate undergraduate degree.

Interests: Do your interests lie in the fields of Architecture?