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Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)

The Bachelor of Education, despite its name is a postgraduate professional degree that qualifies candidates to teach up to the secondary-high school level, with other examinations and certifications available for those that wish to teach higher classes. This course is best suited for those that are enticed by the idea of educating others and enjoy imparting knowledge and similar interactions.

Course Overview:

Recognition: Globally Recognised

Duration: 2-5 years, depending on course and university

Grading and Assessment: Varies based on country and university


Global Differences:

The B.Ed degree coursework, duration and eligibility all vary from country to country depending on their academic systems.

For instance, in the United States and Canada, a B.Ed program may vary from around 1-5 years, and may allow candidates to join after their high school as a program packaged with another bachelor’s degree.

New Zealand and Australia too offer the Bachelor of Education degree as a three to four year undergraduate course.


A B.Ed degree may allow direct entry to candidates after the high-school level examinations (10+2), combining a bachelor’s degree with a B.Ed as a complete program. However, for candidates wishing to pursue a Bachelor of Education degree, universities require a prior Bachelor’s degree. Aside from that, in order to pursue the course abroad, candidates may also have to pass the English Proficiency tests like TOEFL and IELTS.

Why Do a Bachelor of Education/Is it Right for you?

A Bachelor of Education prepares you to teach and pursue your passion for teaching as a paid career. Candidates enrolled for Bachelor for Education degrees typically study basic teaching subjects related to their fields – history, civics, English, sociology, culture – and so on, other than those that prepare them professionally as educators such as educational psychology, leadership, assessment, curriculum development alongside other practical aspects of the profession. A Bachelor of Education is an apt choice for those that enjoy educating and like that little bit of challenge every day.

In choosing the degree that is correct for you, ask yourself the following questions:

Subjects: What subjects do you wish to study? Do the practical subjects entailing a B.Ed degree entice you?

Curriculum: Review the course content and teaching style thoroughly and ask yourself whether it is what you wish to learn.

Career Options: Does the degree put you on a path to realizing your career aspirations? Do you wish to be working in the field of Education, or as an Educator yourself?

Entry Requirements: Do you have the appropriate entry requirements? E.g: Work experience or appropriate undergraduate degree.

Interests: Do your interests lie in the field of Education? Does the idea of being able to transfer knowledge and potentially inspire a class excite you?