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Advanced Placement (AP) Test

Advanced Placement (AP), as described by the College Board, is an academic program comprising of university-level courses and exams that students can take while in school to prepare for university-level study. Each AP course culminates in an AP Exam, which students take to demonstrate university-level knowledge, skills and abilities learned during the AP course.

  1. Most four-year universities and colleges in the U.S. accept qualifying AP Exam scores for college credit and advanced placement. Earning credit and/or advanced placement gives students the flexibility to graduate early, save tuition money, pursue a double major, skip introductory courses or gain time for valuable internships.
  2. Standardized and globally recognized programs such as the AP give Indian students the opportunity to showcase their academic strengths to colleges and universities in the U.S.
  3. AP Exams are only given in May and consist of multiple-choice questions and free-response (essay) prompts. The final exam score is reported on a scale of 1–5 with 5 being the highest score. In order to earn university credit or advanced placement, a score of 3 or above on a scale of 5 is expected. Each university determines its own AP acceptance and credit policy.
  4. You may repeat an exam in a subsequent year. If you do, both scores will be reported unless you request that one be withheld or canceled.

Taking and passing AP classes provides you with the opportunity to show college admissions you are capable of intro-level college courses and where your academic interests lie. However, remember AP tests are not a necessary standardized test that is required by any of the Colleges or Universities in the US and colleges will not automatically favor you. It is a holistic admissions process and you need to determine how best to balance your time between academics and activities outside of the classroom, and which extracurriculars will maximize your application.

Make sure to prep well for the test and ensure you score well.