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Masters Testimonials

“My association with ReachIvy started with a counselling session. For my applications, I signed up for the Get it Write comprehensive package deal. From the brainstorming sessions to writing the essays, the team was extremely helpful, prompt and pushed my thinking in the right direction. I strongly recommend ReachIvy to everyone, no matter what stage of your college application you are in.”
Srujith Lingala
“I started working with ReachIvy experts as soon as I graduated. The entire process, from the counseling sessions to essay editing, was well coordinated and helped me build profile for top schools. Throughout the application process, the team pushes you to make every aspect of the application perfect. Overall, the approach was very professional and practical. The team is highly responsive and goes out of their way to help you. I highly recommend ReachIvy to any student aspiring to get into top school.”
Tirth Patel
“I enrolled for a 3 school MBA/Masters application package with ReachIvy. One of the many impressive strengths of the team was the absolute clarity of conducting the world-class brainstorming sessions. I have published a poetry book and considered my draft essays faultless but the editorial team not only discovered myriad vulnerabilities but also made them bullet-proof! I cracked the SMU MAF program which is rated 4th best in Asia as per FT Rankings 2016. Undoubtedly with a touch of genius, they are at the top of their game!”
Ishan Tulsian
“Personally, I feel that working with ReachIvy on my resume, SOP & LORs have done all the magic in getting me an admit!”
Omkar Sunkersett