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Study Abroad Testimonials

We ensure you reach your goals. Our students talk about how ReachIvy assisted them in finding the right study abroad programs, choosing the right college, creating a professional resume, writing stellar essays, editing their essays and resume and preparing rigorously for their interviews. Read our student testimonials to understand our result-oriented approach.

Miloni Shah admitted to

Harvard University, Harvard Business School

“After wasting a month working with an expensive American Counselor who didn’t add any value to my applications, I started working with Reachivy 4 weeks before my application deadlines. Initially I signed up for a 3-school package and ended up adding another school after experiencing ReachIvy’s foolproof process. What I valued most was ReachIvy’s brainstorming sessions which provided me with the tools I needed to look at my experiences through a different lens and enabled me to flesh out creative ideas for my essays. ReachIvy really understands each schools’ requirements and is able to exploit an applicant’s unique attributes while carefully avoiding the use of generic ideas and content which many counselors end up doing. The efficient process and adherence to promised timelines allowed me to meet my deadlines comfortably. I got into 3 (Harvard, Wharton & Kellogg) of the 4 schools I applied to and I am ecstatic to start HBS in the fall! I would highly recommend ReachIvy to any MBA or Undergrad aspirant!”

Siddharth Karnavat admitted to

Columbia University, MS Real Estate Development

My association with ReachIvy started with a counseling session. The session was extremely impactful and helped me build my profile and focus on top schools for a niche course. Further I went on to sign up for the application package. From the word ‘go’ the entire team came together to make my applications really stand out. The brainstorming sessions being the most crucial, strategically brought out different aspects of my profile to position my candidacy in the best possible manner. The expert essay editors helped trim off any redundant information, leaving my essays sharp and structured, each specific to the school that I was applying to. Lastly my interview prep was the most crucial part of the admissions process; and I must admire and strongly recommend the stringent interview prep ReachIvy offers. Thanks to my association with ReachIvy I got interview invites from 4 top US Schools i.e. Columbia, Cornell, NYU and Johns Hopkins; and I am on my way to Columbia University this year! My experience of working with the team has been enormously pleasurable and I would definitely recommend ReachIvy – if you wish to bring out the winner in you!

Anjali Mittal admitted to

Johns Hopkins, UM-Ann Arbor, UT Austin & UC Santa Barbara

“ReachIvy helped me present myself in the most befitting manner by guiding me through all aspects of my application. The brainstorming session with ReachIvy counsellor uncovered essay pointers I would have missed if I had done them on my own. The feedback from editors was highly useful. I cannot thank the team enough for all their help and highly recommend ReachIvy to any college applicant.”

Samarth Soni admitted to

Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism

Samarth Soni

Tanya Mishra admitted to

London Business School

I had a wonderful experience with ReachIvy. All the counselors are very well qualified. They all have gone through the application process themselves, which makes them even more suited for providing guidance. Each part of the application is carried out by a different counselor who is an expert in their own field, which helps in filling out parts which might have been overlooked earlier. The essay brainstorming (story building) is specially amazing. It takes out different instances of your life and strings it together to make a strong application, which infact helped me get a scholarship just based on my application. I liked the ReachIvy experience so much, that I recommended it to a few of my friends as well who only have positive things to say about the experience.

Vedica Kant admitted to

Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

“I signed up for the 5 school application package with ReachIvy. At the first step, ReachIvy team helped in identifying which were the ideal top 5 colleges to work on in the first go. The second stage was brainstorming with the counselors. For me this was perhaps the most important and exhausting stage of the process – it was almost like therapy! – and really the most useful. The ReachIvy team was really incredible in spending the time to get to know me as an applicant, to get to know my background, my motivations for wanting to apply for an MBA and then using that information to feed into my overall application and essays so that I could tell the admissions committees a compelling personal story about myself, why an MBA, why now, what I hoped to get out of the experience and what I would add as an applicant to the School.
ReachIvy was incredibly structured in the approach to work and this was hugely helpful as an applicant. The online forms, while tedious to fill, meant there was a constant written record of my discussions with the team and that we could build on this in a trackable manner. Similarly, the editing process was extremely rigorous and the team was  quick to get back with feedback and further changes within 24 – 48 hours which allowed for fast progress with the application process. Personally, I found the editorial feedback on tightening my CV and esssays, to keep out the fluff, stay to the point and be as precise with my expressions and words as possible a huge, huge benefit of working with the team. They were also not afraid to make me re-edit the same line multiple times to get just the right phrasing, which was a sign for me of a team that was really behind its client.
The videos and manuals helped in getting a better understanding of schools and general feedback and advice on the application process.
I would recommend ReachIvy very highly. The team is incredibly tough and demanding, but that yielded results for me and overall it was a great learning experience to work with the team. It’s definitely one that has meant I am better prepped for embarking on the MBA!”
Vinay Kanchanapally admitted to

Yale University

Vinay Kanchanapally

Farah Karimi admitted to

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Lally School of Management

“My study abroad needs were specific – I wanted to only apply to schools in New York. My interaction with ReachIvy started with a counseling session. The outcome of my first session left me with an overview on how I could achieve my goal. My follow up session charted out a more defined trajectory.

I then signed up for the 3 school application package. The brainstorming sessions gave me vantage points for my essays. The editors helped me structure my essays better. Each application truly portrayed me differently – according to the requirement of the school. The efforts that the Reachivy team and I put in finally paid off as I received admits from 3 universities in New York.”

Mridul Punglia admitted to


Thanks to ReachIvy’s extensive experience, well-structured approach, guidance and feedback, I got admits from 5 (NUS, CEIBS, IIMA, ESADE and AMBS) of the 7 schools I applied to. Since the inception, ReachIvy team was extremely practical and professional in their approach. The team helped me identify and choose the right business schools based on my experiences, strengths, weakness and future goals. Post the school selection, my consultant helped me brainstorm my career goals and how I could link my professional and personal experiences with my future goals. The extremely friendly and interactive brainstorming session set the tone for my applications. In addition, essay edits were top notch and the team, if required, would make you edit the essay multiple times until its impeccable. Further, the mock interview was exceptionally informative and effective. Also, it is not easy for a couple to get admit in the same school, but with ReachIvy’s assistance my wife and I got into CEIBS (first Indian couple to get an admit based on discussions with the Admissions Manager), AMBS and ESADE. Thank you ReachIvy for your invaluable support. I would highly recommend ReachIvy to any MBA aspirant.

Arun Kunapareddy admitted to

Oxford, HEC Paris & IESE

“I attribute my recent acceptance to Oxford, HEC Paris and IESE to ReachIvy’s exceptional guidance, feedback and coaching throughout the entire application process. ReachIvy set the stage for a great application when they helped me choose the right business schools for me based upon my academic achievements, career progression, extra-curricular activities and future goals. Post the college selection process, my consultant helped me brainstorm my post MBA goals and how I could tie these goals with my life experiences, and why getting an MBA is the way to accomplish them. My consultant’s open-minded and empathetic approach allowed me to communicate my true personality and genuine aspirations in a warm and comforting setting. Additionally the essay-editing services were top-notch, providing precise and concise feedback while maintaining ‘My Voice’ throughout all my essays. The final result helped showcase the impact I had at work in addition to painting a wholesome picture about me in a professional and personal manner. Finally, when it came to prepare for my interviews, we went through almost 40 different questions that could be asked in just an hour. The mock interview was very information intensive, and was 100% worth it – every question that was asked during my real interview was practiced in my mock interview. I would highly recommend ReachIvy to anyone looking for an admissions consultant because they take the time to get to know their clients, and tailor their applications to their unique situations. Thank you for helping me realize my dream of getting into a top-tier MBA program.”

Harsh Jain admitted to

Columbia University, Columbia Business School

Harsh Jain

Devansh Lathia admitted to

The New York University, College of Arts & Science

“Team ReachIvy is an par excellence. Right from college selection to my applications, the guidance provided to me was top notch. What I liked the most was the expert advise given to me for writing my essays – right from brainstorming sessions to the edits of my essays. And to top it, the ease and convenience of working with ReachIvy on their online platform made the process a lot easier. I will definitely recommend ReachIvy to all aspiring students.”

Vinnati Vithlani admitted to

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)

I had enrolled for a comprehensive package of 7 schools with ReachIvy. Right from the onset, ReachIvy team was extremely responsive and practical. After evaluating my profile, the team helped me choose realistic target B-schools. Next step was “the soul searching (brainstorming) session”. It was an extremely friendly but demanding session that really helped me showcase the strong and unique aspects of my profile in the application. The editors helped me craft the essays to perfection. Also, the mock interviews were realistic and extremely helpful. Thanks to ReachIvy, I got admits from HKUST, CEIBS, ESADE and AMBS. I am super thrilled to start the new journey at HKUST. I would strongly recommend ReachIvy.

Neel Shah admitted to


“My reapplication to Insead made me realise that I needed expert guidance with my applications. ReachIvy not only helped me with my re-application but also was able to convert me to a successful admit by assessing the weakness in my previous application.

ReachIvy helped me realise my potential. The speaker series hosted by ReachIvy empowered me with insights that were unparalleled to any other available information. My resume draft was well crafted by the expert ReachIvy editors. Similarly, my essay drafts, were so keenly worked upon that though the content remained intact, they took on a new meaning. ReachIvy’s personalized approach gave me the edge my application needed right from the resume to the essays to the interview preparation.”

Rutuja Jadhav admitted to

Indian School of Business

Rutuja Jadhav

Abhiroop Lohia admitted to

Cornell University

“Many thanks to the ReachIvy team who have helped me reach my dream – I am going to an Ivy League college!

I started work with ReachIvy very early in the process through their counseling session service. The sessions helped me decide the best way forward and drastically moulded my profile.

I was contemplating Early Decision to Cornell along with another school. The robust video library that I was given access to by ReachIvy, helped me tremendously to pick one school after I watched the candid videos. At first I thought working from across the country with ReachIvy might prove difficult. But the team wowed me when during my travels abroad, we worked effortlessly across time zones as well. The essays went through multiple edits and the end results were fantastic which was proven by my admission to Cornell!

I wholeheartedly recommend the ReachIvy services to anyone aiming at a top school.”

Srujith Lingala admitted to

Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs

“My association with ReachIvy started with a counseling session. For my applications, I signed up for the Get it Write comprehensive package deal. From the brainstorming sessions to writing the essays, the team was extremely helpful, prompt and pushed my thinking in the right direction. Though I never met the team personally, it was very easy working on the skype and through mails. The content, guidelines and essay edits were very helpful in writing my essays. I got admits from 3 top schools – Georgetown’s MSPP (MPA), Columbia’s SIPA (MPA) and Harvard’s IEP! I am now spoilt for choice!

I strongly recommend ReachIvy to everyone, no matter what stage of your college application you are in.”

Vibhor Gupta admitted to

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management

“With counselling session began my associations with ReachIvy. And I am glad that I started at the beginning. They hugely impacted not only my profile but also gave me direction in which path to take.
I signed up for the 5 school application with ReachIvy and worked on 2 Masters and 3 MBA applications. As impressed as I was with the counselling sessions, the team wowed me during the application process as well. The teams were very sensitive to all my timelines and kept reminding me of it. In spite of working with so many students on their applications, I was at all times hand held through the entire process. All our hard work came to fruition – I got accepted at MIT!
I just wanted to thank the team for all the help with the applications. It couldn’t have been possible without you. Professional help is required for applications to top schools – and ReachIvy is where you should go!”

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