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Study Abroad Testimonials

Curious to know what our students have to say? These testimonials are from our students who have succeeded in getting admits to top colleges after taking our services.
Samarth Soni admitted to

Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism

Samarth Soni

Vinay Kanchanapally admitted to

Yale University

Vinay Kanchanapally

Harsh Jain admitted to

Columbia University, Columbia Business School

Harsh Jain

Yatish Agarwal admitted to

IE Business School

“A process-oriented company with really good resources on board”
“I signed up for 5 schools MBA package. My overall experience with ReachIvy has been good. Special mention for the Experts and Student Operations team for having helped me through the application process. The structure and the outlines for essays were quite helpful, so was the brainstorming session. Though I would suggest more flexibility in the process, I would surely recommend ReachIvy to future applicants.”

Sanchi Goel admitted to

Michigan Ross

“Constant Follow-ups & Professional Work”
“Every expert at ReachIvy that I worked with pushed me to deliver my best.
A friend who had worked with ReachIvy recommended me to work with them for my MBA applications. I come from a non-traditional background and hence I was wary of any admissions consultants. However, I felt at ease with ReachIvy right from the start as we completed the college selection process. Once we had shortlisted the colleges, we started with the brainstorming process which made me deeply introspect everything I had done so far and put it into perspective. Even though the process is online, it is totally seamless, with the right forms provided at every stage, making sure I was focusing only on the content.
The best part about ReachIvy was the constant Follow-ups, making sure I was on the right timeline despite my busy schedule. By the time I finished working on my applications, I was almost sure of interview calls.

For my interviews, I got a chance to prepare with the CEO Vibha Kagzi, the founder of ReachIvy, whose guidance totally changed the way I approached interviews. I ended up getting waitlisted at both the schools I applied to, and finally got accepted into the Ross School of Business. This is a dream come true and I’m forever grateful to ReachIvy, for without their professional assistance this would not have been made possible.”

Vishaka Sriniwasan admitted to


“Structured and guided approach”
“Applying to business school was a daunting and scary process; I did not know where to begin and if my profile was ready to apply this year. I was researching schools and got overwhelmed and decided to work with a counselor to make the process more structured and seamless. I signed up for ReachIvy’s full counseling package. I started with counseling and profile building where I was given guidance on which areas to improve upon. Then, I worked on college selections with a counselor after explaining my selection criteria, career goals and other preferences. I think the most important aspect of Reachivy’s guidance for me was around brainstorming and the essay writing/review process. The expert counselors really made the process straightforward and easy – and offered critical feedback to my essays. I liked that ReachIvy’s forms collected a lot of information and made you think about your skills and life experiences so as to make the most of the timed session. The counselors spent time in understanding my professional goals, and how they aligned with my life experiences to craft a compelling story. If the essay wasn’t strong after the first draft, the counselor even worked with me to find the right story to tell and rework it. Working with the team through online collaboration made it easy and the turnaround of the essays really quick.

I would definitely recommend ReachIvy to anyone else aspiring to go to b-school. Although you work with a different counselor every step of the process, they are each experts in their own area. The team is reliable and dedicated to each of their students. I definitely hugely benefited from having a structured and guided approach to applying to many schools within a short period of time. “

Shwetabh Ranjan admitted to


“Extra Mile of Support”
“I contacted ReachIvy for the first time in July last year. I had approached them for a counselling session but couldn’t manage to schedule one until late November. I was preparing for my GMAT and wanted to apply to ISB R2. Though I started only 2 weeks before the deadline, the ReachIvy staff and counsellors helped me complete my counselling session, brainstorming session and complete form by going the extra mile to support me. I had also signed up for interview prep and Madhav helped me through multiple sessions and enabled me to perform well in the interview. Though I couldn’t make it to ISB, I made it to the waitlist.

This year, I contacted ReachIvy again during June to apply to ISB in R1. I started with a ding analysis and Grishma helped me clearly identify the gaps in my profile that needed to be bridged to have a higher chance of success. She very clearly articulated things I needed to do on my professional, academic and personal front. She clearly defined the importance of each of these elements and suggested multiple activities and tasks that I can take up.

When I started with my form this year, my brainstorming session was with Shyam. What I liked was that he was absolutely aware of our discussion from the last time (which was around 10 months back) and used the hour most productively to clearly focus on things we needed to put in the application to crack it this time. Also, the essay editors were very quick and clear on their feedback.

Post this I got an interview call and Ameya helped me through 3 sessions to prepare me well for the interview. With his experience, he first focused on things he knew would be important and then on things I wanted to prepare for. The interview prep I think was the key to cracking it this time. The interview manual and questionnaire which is too exhaustive helps you prepare robustly for anything that can come up in the actual interview. This boosted my confidence a lot.

The best thing about ReachIvy is that the complete team (counsellors & staff) are at your service. They take the pain to go the extra mile to ensure the student’s success. There were many times when I had a tight timeline and they scheduled sessions to my availability. Overall, working with ReachIvy has been a pleasure and I would recommend it to everyone who is aiming to a good school.”

Shruti Jain admitted to

Oxford Said

“My 100% success rate is proof enough”
“ReachIvy was instrumental in helping me get an MBA offer from my dream school. I was sure I wanted to attend Said Business School (University of Oxford) and hence, signed up for the 1 college application package that comprised brainstorming sessions and unlimited essay edits. My ReachIvy expert was absolutely brilliant – over two lengthy calls, she evaluated my profile end-to-end and designed the content framework for 7 essays and 1 CV. Each essay, however small, was given due importance and discussed thoroughly in detail. I used to bombard my ReachIvy expert and the editors with follow-up questions continuously while writing my application and they were always patient and happy to respond at the earliest. Some essays even took 5-6 rounds of editing but the ReachIvy team ensured that the final product was perfect and delivered comfortably within my deadline, even though I was extremely late in submitting the initial few drafts. Coordinating over video or voice calls was fairly efficient and the manuals provided on Box and the ReachIvy website were great tools to understand the ground rules and kickstart my application. I decided to apply for the MBA program pretty late, so in case you find yourself in a similar time crunch, ReachIvy is your best option. I’m certainly happy that I chose them, my 100% success rate is proof enough!”

Zuni Chopra admitted to


“Professional and systematic approach”
I worked with ReachIvy beginning towards the second term of 11th grade through till the first term of 12th grade. They were a great help in choosing which universities I would apply to as well as in editing my college essays. I tend to write too descriptively and too much; ReachIvy helped me shape my essays in a way that made them concise and hence more impactful. In my college selection, ReachIvy focused on helping me find a university that was the best fit for me as a student, something I was having trouble with earlier; I just felt overwhelmed by all the potential choices! The videos and forms that ReachIvy provided helped me by establishing a systematic approach to what seemed like a chaotic and impossibly difficult process. In taking things one step at a time, my application process was simplified and I was able to work through the journey, piece by piece. This not only gave me a peace of mind that allowed me to focus on the work but also gave me a greater sense of fulfilment as I ticked each item off the to do list. ReachIvy made the application process seem less like an intimidating beast but more like a mountain that I climbed for my own growth and self-discovery!

Thank you so much!

Sagrika Jain admitted to


“Structured and professional”
“I signed up for the 3 school package along with College Selection with Reach Ivy. I was first taken through the College Selection process where my counsellor probed me to think of my objectives for MBA along with my long term and short term goals, and that helped me to narrow down on the B-schools that aligned with my aspirations. The next step i.e. Brainstorming, gave me the opportunity to reflect on my life and enlist my major personal and professional achievements that ultimately formed the foundation of my essays. During my brainstorming session, my counsellor helped me dig deeper to curate my story. Finally, the language expert truly refined the content of my essays and ensured effective communication. Every step of the way, the Reach Ivy team was exceptionally structured and professional in its approach. In fact because the team was so strict on a timely response, I was able to manage the process better. I would recommend Reach Ivy because it has experts that specialise in the particular segment they are asked to manage, thus adding immense value at every stage. Personally, the biggest takeaway for me was identifying my USPs and then communicating them effectively. Rest assured, you will gain access to top-class services that will provide the doorway to your dream school!”

Khyati Narula admitted to

Harvard University, Harvard Business School

“The best part of the journey was the brainstorming”
“I signed up for the college selection and 4 school application package. The best part of the journey was the brainstorming. My brainstormer spent more than the required hours with me to discuss each question and helped me gather my thoughts and experiences to formulate my stories. The team began by understanding me, both personally and professionally. Everything I wrote came from my life experiences and profile and no story was fabricated. A few editors reworked with me with a short turnaround time and improved my content and essay flow. Their inputs were extremely valuable and helped me structure my answers perfectly. This helped me to approach each essay with a cohesive strategy and full research about the school. The essay tool is remarkable and addresses many issues with language, grammar and cohesiveness. The team answered all my queries repeatedly and understood my concerns. I would recommend ReachIvy to all aspirants as they enabled me to undergo a complete overhaul of my strategy and made me understand what business schools are looking for in each essay.”

Annie Vinod Manjila admitted to

Oxford Said

“Provided valuable resources”
“I had enrolled with ReachIvy for help with my MBA application essay and interview prep. Their structured and hands on approach has helped me to get an offer from Oxford and an interview for Harvard 2+2 programme. 2 years prior to my MBA application, I had a guidance session with ReachIvy and had worked on my profile over the years with the pointers provided then to make up a compelling resume and to be a strong MBA candidate.

Once I grasped their Box folder method of working, with the prompt service provided by the team, I found it easy to work with ReachIvy. The inputs and guidance provided by their team of experts are golden. The worksheets and manuals are valuable resources to streamline your application. ReachIvy has helped me to frame my story in its best and most compelling manner. I would definitely recommend ReachIvy to anyone looking for application help!”

Miloni Shah admitted to

Harvard University, Harvard Business School

“Foolproof Process”
“After wasting a month working with an expensive American Counsellor who didn’t add any value to my applications, I started working with Reachivy 4 weeks before my application deadlines. Initially I signed up for a 3-school package and ended up adding another school after experiencing ReachIvy’s foolproof process. What I valued most was ReachIvy’s brainstorming sessions which provided me with the tools I needed to look at my experiences through a different lens and enabled me to flesh out creative ideas for my essays. ReachIvy really understands each schools’ requirements and is able to exploit an applicant’s unique attributes while carefully avoiding the use of generic ideas and content which many counselors end up doing. The efficient process and adherence to promised timelines allowed me to meet my deadlines comfortably. I got into 3 (Harvard, Wharton & Kellogg) of the 4 schools I applied to and I am ecstatic to start HBS in the fall! I would highly recommend ReachIvy to any MBA or Undergrad aspirant!”

Parth Pande admitted to


“Quick and efficient online support”
“I signed up for the 5 Master’s-application package service offered by ReachIvy. Work began with a counseling session that was focused on helping me boost my profile. A college selection session followed, through which I decided that the first 3 colleges I apply to, with ReachIvy’s help, would be LBS, HEC, and INSEAD and their respective Masters in Management (MIM) programmes. Working with the team at ReachIvy for brainstorming sessions and editing of essays, LORs, and resume was made easy and simple through their quick and efficient online support. The essay and LOR manuals helped a lot as well. Lastly, the RI Experts ensured that my final essays were of high-quality. I would recommend ReachIvy because all 3 applications were successful in getting me an interview call. Furthermore, ReachIvy’s interview prep was useful as well – I received an admit from London Business School.

Overall, I would recommend ReachIvy for their all-round support throughout the application process. The fact that all their services are online is great as you can contact them from any place at any time. Working with ReachIvy on your Master’s/MBA applications is a no-brainer.”

Nikul Roshania admitted to

Oxford University

“Easy and Insightful”
“I signed up for the 7 school MBA package as it contained a number of brainstorming sessions, essay reviews and a number of interview prep sessions – all of which I attribute to my successful admission. Working with the team was extremely easy! The brainstorming sessions were fluid and the ReachIvy team was well prepared every time. When I started, I had already written my essays before starting with my brainstorming session, which I believed were quite strong and was only looking for ReachIvy to refine them. What happened next baffled me. ReachIvy started the process by getting to know me personally, understanding my story, fleshing out my strengths and weaknesses. ReachIvy Experts gave me a complete re-haul of my essay strategy, my stories & my goals.This allowed us to form a cohesive strategy and story which then was converted into an essay quite easily. The essays were then reviewed by experienced individuals who themselves have attended top schools . This added level of insight was a make or break situation as it lent a more insightful and detailed framework to what each of the admission committee wanted to understand about the candidate. This also helped me get interviews with 3 top ranked schools and the Deans Scholarship from Oxford, which was awarded to a single individual in the whole class. Yes, I would recommend ReachIvy to all!”

Anuja Lohia admitted to

UC Berkeley

“Helped me accomplish my goal”

“I thank the entire team at ReachIvy who’ve helped me accomplish my goal of getting into UC Berkeley which had always been my #1 choice.
From the very useful counselling sessions with Profile evaluation expert guiding me throughout high school and helping me build my CV to the productive essay brainstorming sessions with Essay Brainstorming expert my journey has been truly amazing. Overall my experience working with ReachIvy was quite smooth.”

Vishesh Garg admitted to

Columbia University

“Already Recommended ReachIvy To My Friends!”

I signed up for the 5-school reapplicant program at the end of July. Despite starting late, ReachIvy’s systematic approach and awesome editors/brainstormers made life easy for me. Starting from a profile evaluation, we moved on to select colleges. Once that was frozen, I had my first brainstorming and editing sessions. Having already worked with a consultant previously, I observed the difference in approach, knowledge, and professionalism at ReachIvy. Lastly, the interview preparation was spot on – not only in terms of deciding what to answer but also in terms of the finer aspects such as voice modulation, body language, etc. I felt a lot more confident while submitting my applications and have already recommended ReachIvy to my friends!

Siddharth Karnavat admitted to

Columbia University, MS Real Estate Development

“Stringent Interview Prep”
My association with ReachIvy started with a counseling session. The session was extremely impactful and helped me build my profile and focus on top schools for a niche course. Further I went on to sign up for the application package. From the word ‘go’ the entire team came together to make my applications really stand out. The brainstorming sessions being the most crucial, strategically brought out different aspects of my profile to position my candidacy in the best possible manner. The expert essay editors helped trim off any redundant information, leaving my essays sharp and structured, each specific to the school that I was applying to. Lastly my interview prep was the most crucial part of the admissions process; and I must admire and strongly recommend the stringent interview prep ReachIvy offers. Thanks to my association with ReachIvy I got interview invites from 4 top US Schools i.e. Columbia, Cornell, NYU and Johns Hopkins; and I am on my way to Columbia University this year! My experience of working with the team has been enormously pleasurable and I would definitely recommend ReachIvy – if you wish to bring out the winner in you!