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Northwestern University

Northwestern University (NU) is a large private research university based in Evanston, Illinois; its other campuses are located in Chicago and Qatar. It was founded in 1851 by John Evans, and the main campus spans over 240 acres today. NU attracts over 650 million dollars in funded sponsored research each year and has produced 16 Nobel Laureates, 38 Pulitzer Prize Winners, and 2 Chief Justices. Northwestern University is most known for its Kellogg School of Management and Medill School of Journalism, each of which is regularly ranked among the top schools in their respective fields.

Key Statistics

  • 1912 Class Size
  • 9% Overall Admit Rate
  • 10% International Students
  • 40% Women Percentage

TOP 5 REASONS TO CONSIDER Northwestern University

  1. Research Prowess: Northwestern University is among the best research universities in the United States and the world. They have a "very high" research activity, making them one of the most academically productive universities in the US.

  2. Debate society: Northwestern University has a strong debating team and society. The policy debate team has won 15 National Debate tournaments -- this is the highest of any university. In fact, 80% of the National Debate tournament winners between 2011-2015 have been NU alumni.

  3. Clubs and Organizations: With over 400 clubs and organizations on campus, Northwestern University offers a vibrant range of activities outside of the classroom for students to engage in and fulfill their interests.

  4. Alumni Network: NU offers several tools and networking opportunities among it's alumni, including having clubs around the globe for alumni to meet and connect. It also has a number decorous alumni with several Nobel Laureates, Rhodes Scholars as well as eminent on-screen personalities.

  5. Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Northwestern University's focus also extends to innovation and entrepreneurship. In fact, NU has a dedicated hub for promoting and nurturing change, innovation and entrepreneurship called 'The Garage' which is home to numerous student-founded startups.

Notable Alumni

  • Stephen Colbert Emmy award-winning actor, writer and producer
  • Saul Bellow Canadian-American Pulitzer and Nobel Prize-winning Writer
  • George R.R. Martin American fiction and short-story writer and television producer
  • Lloyd Hall African American chemist who contributed to food preservation