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New York University (NYU)

New York University (NYU), founded in 1831 is a private non-profit research university. It has two global campuses each in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai, with the main campus — spanning 230 acres — located in Manhattan, Greenwich Village with more in New York City. NYU has consistently ranked among the top 30 global universities, The university has also produced several notable personalities in media, science and entrepreneurial fields.

Key Statistics

  • 6133 Class Size
  • 1920-2160 SAT Score
  • 19% Overall Admit Rate
  • 20% International Students
  • 58% Women Percentage
  • 630-760 SAT Math Range


  1. Diversity: New York University prides itself on it's diverse student body. With over 20% international students from 83 different countries -- more than any other US university. This ensures that students get to encounter, understand and thrive among different perspectives.

  2. Global Learning: NYU encourages a global focus in education, where students can travel internationally to it's abroad campuses or various other centres -- like the ones in Accra, Berlin, London and Paris -- to learn.

  3. Arts, Culture and Entertainments: The arts, culture and entertainment strains at NYU are nurtured and allowed expression at events, installations and exhibitions at theatres and galleries on campus.

  4. Careers and Placement: NYU offers extensive career development and placement assistance. In fact, 51% of graduates received 2 or more job offers after graduating; over 87% of them were employed post-commencement.

Notable Alumni

  • Niel Diamond American Singer/Songwriter
  • J.D. Salinger American author, best know for Catcher in the Rye
  • Woody Allen American actor, director, comedian and musician
  • Jack Dorsey Co-founder and CEO of Twitter