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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was founded on April 10, 1861 when it’s charter, the “Act to Incorporate the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,” was passed by the legislature and approved by Governor Andrew. Just for info, The date is two days before the start of the American Civil War. MIT’s motto is Mens et Manus, which means Mind and Hand, and its mascot is the beaver. MIT provides a student with a lot of opportunities to drive their growth. The MIT community is filled with the passion to better the humankind. The campus of MIT stretched 168 acres in the city of Boston in Massachusetts, United States.

Key Statistics

  • 1452 Class Size
  • 1500-1660 Avg SAT
  • 34-35 ACT range
  • 7% Overall Admit Rate
  • 11% International Students
  • 46% Women Percentage
  • 770 - 880 SAT Math range
  • 730 - 780 SAT EBRW range


  1. Academic and Research options – Students at MIT may take advantage of a variety of academic and research opportunities to enrich or complement their academic pursuits. These include programs designed specifically to support freshmen adjusting to college life, opportunities to engage in collaborative research, global study projects and internships abroad, cross-registration options at other Boston-area schools, and the flexible learning structure and innovative offerings of the Independent Activities Period.

  2. Arts at MIT- The MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology (CAST), established in 2012, facilitates and creates opportunities for exchange and collaboration for artists with engineers and scientists. The center is committed to fostering a culture where the arts, science, and technology thrive as interrelated, mutually informing modes of exploration, knowledge, and discovery.

  3. Career and Professional options – An MIT education is a valuable investment in the future. Several options are available to students who need or desire career advice or job-search assistance, as well as to those seeking guidance about further study. Students can take advantage of programs to gain international experience or to earn teaching credentials. Leadership and military training opportunities are available through US Reserve Office Training Corps programs.

  4. Advise & Support – All students have an academic advisor. The Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming assigns advisors to freshmen. Academic departments assign faculty advisors to students who have declared a major. In addition, there are faculty undergraduate and graduate officers in each academic department, as well as academic administrators who consult with students about their academic programs.

  5. Campus life – Life at MIT is anything but dull, and opportunities to engage in activities beyond academics abound. Housing and dining, fraternities and sororities, student clubs and sports are but a few of the topics addressed in this section that provide a glimpse into the non-academic aspects of life at the Institute.

Notable Alumni

  • Pranav Mistry Inventor of SixthSense; Global Senior Vice President of Research at Samsung
  • Raghuram Rajan Former Governor of the Reserve Bank of India
  • Jonah Peretti Co-founder and CEO of BuzzFeed; co-founder of The Huffington Post
  • Neri Oxman Architect, Designer, and Professor at the MIT Media Lab