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SAT Sentence Completion

As the name suggests, you will have to fill-in-the- blanks, with the appropriate answers. The statements are designed in such a manner that the hint to the correct answer is given in the statement. Hence, all you need to do is read the question thoroughly, look for the pointers that indicate the answer and select the correct answer option. This section requires you to have a good vocabulary. Here are some practice questions to help you get a hang of the subject. Learn how to crack the sentence completion test with this quick quiz on the same format as that of SAT.

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Question 1: 

The ---------- candidate met many challenges during her arduous campaign, but she did not ---------- and ultimately attained the office she had so passionately sought.

Question 2: 

Continually evolving technology has enabled the cultivation of relationships that defy the restrictions of time zones and language barriers, allowing people to “talk” electronically through a process that is both ---------- and ----------.

Question 3: 

The development of new skills can be very fulfilling, but such abilities can be sustained only through focused and persistent -----------.

Question 4: 

The many elaborate steps involved in the preparation of a four-course French meal scare away all but the most ---------- cooks.

Question 5: 

Most viewed her behavior as merely ----------, but some criticized her for her lack of consistency and focus.

Question 6: 

University professors are frequently ------------ to utilize multimedia materials in their class presentations; however, many ----------- the expertise in new educational technology to be able to use such materials effectively.

Question 7: 

Despite the poet’s best efforts to ------------ the symbolism in her latest work, it nonetheless remained -----------.

Question 8: 

However ----------- the speech may have sounded to the audience, it was in fact the product of a great deal of rehearsal.

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