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GRE Multiple-choice Quiz 2

One of the question types in GRE is multiple-choice questions in which you are asked to select only one answer choice from a list of five choices. To understand what multiple choice questions are, attempt the quiz below.

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Question 1:

Mr. McCall selects a number that is two-digit and positive. If the number is prime, he assigns that many problems for homework. If the number is not prime, he assigns 8 more problems than the number for homework. If he assigns 97 problems for homework, what is the number?
I. 89
II. 97
III. 105

Question 2:

Which of the following numbers has the greatest number of unique digits?
Question 3:

A delivery cart went from Candleford to Lark Rise and back at an average speed of 2/3 miles per hour. If the distance from Candleford to Lark Rise is 1 mile, and the trip back took half as much time as the trip there, what was the average speed of the delivery cart on the way to Lark Rise?

Question 4:

The midpoints of the sides of a square are connected to form a new inscribed square. How many times greater than the area of the inscribed square is the area of the original square?

Question 5:

The diameter of a circle is increased by 80%. By what percent, approximately, is the area increased?

Question 6:

By approximately what percent did the large corporate profits increase from the 1960s to the 2000s?

Question 7:

In what year shown was the total annual pay for veterans closest to $15 million?

Question 8:

The figure below is the landscaping plan for Ersne's new office park. The thickness of the dividing walls should be ignored and the dimensions are in feet.
F = 1/4 A and C = 1/2 D
If the dividing walls between each specified area are going to be painted, how many square feet will be painted?

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