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GRE Multiple-choice Quiz 1

One of the question types in GRE is multiple-choice questions in which you are asked to select only one answer choice from a list of five choices. To understand what multiple choice questions are, attempt the quiz below.

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Question 1:

At a law firm made up of 9 attorneys, 6 attorneys are working on a case with exactly 1 other attorney and 3 attorneys are working on a case with exactly 2 other attorneys. If two attorneys are selected at random, what is the probability that those two attorneys are NOT working together on a case?

Question 2:

0.0027 x 10x / 0.09 x 10y = 3 x 108. What is the value of y less than x?

Question 3:

What is the value of the square root of the square root of .00000256?

Question 4:

The above pie chart gives the number of course offerings in a business school in four subject areas: Management, Marketing, Accounting, and Finances, and some of their sub-areas. There are 45 total management course offered in the sub-areas of decision making, organizational development, management processes, and entrepreneurial management.
A student, randomly selecting two courses, has approximately what chance of selecting one management and one tax accounting course?
Question 5:

Which of the following is NOT a possible value of (1 )/(4-x) if x cannot be -1/4?
Question 6: If x represents a positive integer, which of the following is a multiple of 3 but not a multiple of 6?

Question 7:

A printing company charges d dollars for the first x hours of work, then d + 2 dollars for every hour of work over x hours. How much more will a client be charged for a job that took y hours if y > x than for a job which took only d hours?

Question 8:

The sides of a right triangle are consecutive even integers, and the length of the longest side is p. Which of the following equations could be used to find p?

Question 9:

Franklin bought several kites at the store, and each kite cost 16 dollars. Richard purchased several different kites, and spent 20 dollars each. If the ratio of the number of kites Franklin purchased to the number of kites Richard purchased is 3 to 2, what is the average cost of a kite purchased by Richard and Franklin?

Question 10:

Submarine A and Submarine B are equipped with sonar devices that can operate within a 3,000 yard range. Submarine A remains in place while Submarine B moves 2,400 yards south from Submarine A. Submarine B then changes course and moves due east, stopping at the maximum range of the sonar devices. In which of the following directions can Submarine B continue to move and still be within the sonar range of Submarine A?
I. North
II. South
III. West

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