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Referral Program

We are happy to introduce the ReachIvy Referral Program. When you refer a friend to us and they sign up for our comprehensive application packages, your friends enjoy a discount of INR 500 / USD 10 (for students domicile outside India) on their package and get to work with our experts to reach their dream colleges and YOU earn cash!

This can be done in 2 simple steps:

1) Simply ask your friend to Submit a Query on our website and mention your full name in the space provided. (This would take under 2 minutes!)

2) Share the referral code sent to you via email and ask your friend to use the same while signing up for a comprehensive application package.

Please drop us an email on help@reachivy.com once the steps are complete. On verification, you earn INR 1000 / USD 20 (for students domicile outside India) per referral!