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SAT Sentence Completion

Posted on Oct 16, 2017
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Question 1: 

The ---------- candidate met many challenges during her arduous campaign, but she did not ---------- and ultimately attained the office she had so passionately sought.

Question 2: 

Continually evolving technology has enabled the cultivation of relationships that defy the restrictions of time zones and language barriers, allowing people to “talk” electronically through a process that is both ---------- and ----------.

Question 3: 

The development of new skills can be very fulfilling, but such abilities can be sustained only through focused and persistent -----------.

Question 4: 

The many elaborate steps involved in the preparation of a four-course French meal scare away all but the most ---------- cooks.

Question 5: 

Most viewed her behavior as merely ----------, but some criticized her for her lack of consistency and focus.

Question 6: 

University professors are frequently ------------ to utilize multimedia materials in their class presentations; however, many ----------- the expertise in new educational technology to be able to use such materials effectively.

Question 7: 

Despite the poet’s best efforts to ------------ the symbolism in her latest work, it nonetheless remained -----------.

Question 8: 

However ----------- the speech may have sounded to the audience, it was in fact the product of a great deal of rehearsal.

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