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GRE Text Completion

Posted on Oct 12, 2017
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Question 1:

The study's authors chose to (i)_______ the possible implications of the assembled data and (ii)_______ used this angle to attract attention and possible funding from the commercial sector.

Question 2:

The young author resented being viewed as (i)___________ in the literary world. He felt that his peers acted superior towards him and purposely used (ii)_________ references in his presence.

Question 3:

The brand's simple yet sleek and sophisticated packaging of the perfume in the magazine advertisement communicates a specific image to the viewer. A/an (i)_______ brand such as this one tries to sell the idea that a certain lifestyle and (ii)_________ will be achieved if the consumer purchases the product. Although logic tells us that perfume cannot make life wonderful, people everywhere are taken in by the (iii)___________.

Question 4:

Typically English learners achieve fluency in listening and speaking before reading and writing, but sometimes they may achieve competence in writing earlier than speaking, and all of these components are (i)_________. The most difficult aspects of learning English for these students include socio-cultural applications of language, academic language, and sophisticated vocabulary and grammar usage. Teachers can include (ii)__________ experiences such as interacting with peers (both listening and sharing), having them write about what they learned, and incorporating reading. Using (iii)____________ increases their comprehension of both the content and the language.

Question 5:

Successful athletic training must take into account both body and mind; therefore, an athletic trainer who focuses on the physiological aspects of exercise without considering the (i)_______ ones has made a (ii)_______ mistake.

Question 6:

Although there was a period of time immediately following the symbolic end of the Civil Rights Movement that was referred to by A. Philip Randolph as “a crisis of victory,” eventually black leaders were able to redirect their energy into fixing the (i)______ problems within their communities. The issue of poverty among blacks became (ii)_______ black activism in the years that followed and breathed new life into the labor movement for poor minority members of the working class and the welfare rights movement.

Question 7:

New corporate executives often find themselves faced with undertaking a (i)______ role; they must work within the (ii)______ of the business community and also outside of it, in the social realm, to accomplish their goals. This can sometimes lead to situations with (iii)_______ interests.

Question 8:

Aronson speaks both from personal experience and with the support of empirical research in assessing the root cause of school violence. He points out that we have created a school system in which bullying, rejection, and social ostracism are not only ignored but also (i)___________. The hierarchy of the high school scene and the prevalence of cliques fosters the in-group minority/out-group majority mentality, and creates an atmosphere that is not just (ii)__________ to learning, but actually is often the source of severe teenage trauma. Aronson (iii)_______ that by addressing these root causes preemptively and intervening in the emotional education of the nation's youth, school violence can be curbed and the high school experience can be improved.

Question 9:

Mariah's lack of self-control sent her on a downward spiral: the less she practiced (i)_______, the more difficult it was for her to show any type of (ii)_______.

Question 10:

When the victim arrived at the police station, he was badly frightened and gave (i)___________ description of his attacker. He was finally able to (ii)____________ his attacker's face, but the police had little else to work with.

Question 11:

Thucydides’ historical work, The Peloponnesian War, chronicles the war between the empire of Athens and a league of resistant Peloponnesian states. This work provides not only a valuable historical resource, but also a significant critical commentary of Athens’ (i)___________. Thucydides highlights the (ii)___________ of democracy and imperialism, and criticizes the Athenian government for its willingness to compromise democratic principles for capital and political gain. Thucydides’ (iii)_________ of the two-faced nature of Athenian democracy has remained historically relevant, and in light of current global affairs, it is all the more apparent that we have failed to heed Thucydides’ warnings.

Question 12:

This lagoon is a wide stretch of (i)_____, deep only in those places where the ship-channels are kept constantly (ii) _____.

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