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GRE Numeric Entry Questions

Posted on Oct 14, 2017
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Question 1:

The above pie chart gives the number of course offerings in a business school in four subject areas: Management, Marketing, Accounting, and Finances, and some of their sub-areas. There are 45 total management course offered in the sub-areas of decision making, organizational development, management processes, and entrepreneurial management.

If there are 12 Organizational Development courses, and _______ courses offered in the other subareas of Management, then the course offerings in the subareas of Management could be ordered into a geometric progression.
Question 2:

The Metropolitan Condominiums are expanding. Currently the condo block is rectangular-shaped with a total volume of 9600 feet. If the expanded Condominiums are 2.5 times as long, wide, and deep as the original building, what would the new volume be?

Question 3:

A cyclist raced to the top of a mountain at an average pace of 20 miles per hour, then took the same trail down. On the way down, his average speed increased to 24 miles per hour. If the entire trip took exactly three hours to complete non-stop, how many miles is the trail one way?

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