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GMAT Data Sufficiency Test 3

Posted on Oct 11, 2017
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Welcome to our GMAT Data Sufficiency Quiz 3. To begin click Next

Question 1:
Line P is parallel to Line Q on the xy-coordinate plane. What is the shortest distance between the two lines?
(1) Line Q has a slope of 2.
(2) Line P crosses the y-axis at 8.

Question 2:

Five circles are inscribed in a larger circle such that one of the five circles is placed exactly in the middle of the larger circle and tangent to the other four circles. The outer four small circles are tangent to the larger circle, but are not tangent to one another. What is the area of the region inside the larger circle but outside the smaller circles?
(1) The diameter of each smaller circle is 6π.
(2) The diameter of the large circle passes through the diameter of three of the smaller circles.

Question 3:

Right triangle ABC has a hypotenuse of 30. Side leg BC = 9x. What is the length of leg AB?
(1) Point D lies on BC such that DC = (4/9)BC.
(2) AD = 26

Question 4:

If AC = CE, and all horizontal lines in the figure are parallel, what is the value of y/x?
(1) BD = 20
(2) GH = 18

Question 5:

If AB = 14 and AP, BQ, and AB are tangents, what is the value of x?
(1) The radius of the circle is 6.
(2) PA = 6

Question 6:

Three tennis balls fit into a cylindrical container such that the tennis balls touch the bottom and top of the can. If the formula for the volume of sphere is 4/3(πr3), what fraction of the volume of the container is occupied by the tennis balls?
(1) The radius of the container is 6.
(2) The radius of each tennis ball equals the radius of the container.

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