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Inchin Closer

Inchin Closer

Mumbai, India

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Inchin Closer

Inchin Closer is a premier India-China language and cultural consultancy, with over 7 years of experience teaching Mandarin in Mumbai.

Aiming to give our students a holistic impression of India’s largest neighbour, our Mandarin Chinese courses are fun, interactive and enable students to strike up a conversation with a Chinese friend or client easily.

Inchin Closer has three levels of Mandarin – Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. All three levels are endorsed by the Chinese Consulate, Mumbai, taught by Native Chinese teachers and train students towards the HSK – an International Certification in Mandarin.

Inchin Closer teaches Mandarin in South Mumbai, Bandra West and Powai. Our LATEST Beginners classes are starting on the 1st and 2nd of October, and will be conducted on weekends. To register for a Beginners class or just to know more about our classes – REGISTER HERE or call 98700 90966 for details.

As a premier Mandarin destination, Inchin Closer also has a Mandarin lending library, interactive resources and audio visual content to pique the interest of the modern learner. With a focus on conversational Mandarin, all our courses also teach students to read and write Mandarin characters familiarizing them with a new script and helping students to understand China better.

Here are some student testimonials: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxhiZlAHha8


  • Career opportunities – International businesses prefer to hire people who speak more than one language. China has become a huge market, and business leaders are looking for people who can speak Chinese and operate successfully in a Chinese cultural context.
  • China is India’s largest trading partner – China’s economy currently stands as the second largest in the world and continues to grow at an exponential pace. Learning to speak Mandarin Chinese is a great way to take advantage of this huge economic shift.
  • International relations – Mandarin has become very useful in government and business – Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg speaks fluent Mandarin, so does the former Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd.
  • Engaging and interactive classrooms – At Inchin Closer, Mandarin isn’t taught by rote, rather students are encouraged to form their own sentences, create role plays from their own contexts, and bring their own experiences into the language.
  • Taught by native Mandarin Speakers from China – Ever learned a language and realized you can’t speak it in the native country? We at Inchin Closer believe it is imperative for students of Mandarin to learn the language first hand from a professional native Chinese teacher. While it not only helps you get the tones and pronunciation right – vital while learning Mandarin, it also keeps the language relevant and colloquial, so that you don’t learn phrases that are oh so ‘70s.
  • Chinese culture – Chinese culture is over 5000 years old. Very similar to Indian culture, learning the language of another ancient culture, gives you a ringside perspective of how close India and China are.
  • Poetry and movies – By understanding Mandarin, the language will give you stronger insight into Chinese poetry and enable you to watch Kung Fu movies in their original language.
  • Chinese phonetics in Hindi – Teaching Mandarin phonetics through Hindi has done wonders for our students! A USP of Inchin Closer, we have developed our own unique Hindi phonetics for Mandarin. By teaching Mandarin phonetics though Hindi we familiarize the Indian tongue faster to Mandarin, making the exact pronunciation of words much faster and easier for Indians.
  • Real life situations – experience the language first hand. Breaking the mould of textbook teaching, we have studied the sticky and common problems Indians face in China and have based our textbooks around encountering and dealing with all kinds of experiences, so that you are never stuck for words. By relating to real life situations, we maintain our textbooks to provide a relevant, extremely utilitarian curriculum, and they will serve as your best friend and guide in China.
  • Small classrooms, personalized attention – Since Mandarin is a tonal language, it is imperative that each student be paid special attention to, so that his or her pronunciation and tones are perfected. As a result, we conduct small classes where each student receives close personal attention from the teacher.
  • Measurable results – Regular reviews and test are conducted throughout the 40 – hour program culminating in a one and half hour test at the end. This gives students a chance to constantly revise, improve themselves and measure their progress.
  • Beyond the classroom – Students who take part in Inchin Closer’s Mandarin courses are exposed to Chinese culture, people and activities beyond the classroom. We invite members from the Chinese consulate to interact with the students, regularly initiate activities where they are exposed to Chinese culture and conduct Mandarin language corners where different students from various batches can interact, exchange business cards, travelling tips and Mandarin phrases.
  • Young & dynamic – We are a young and dynamic team who like to experiment, socialize and try new and innovative ways of teaching.
  • Staying alert – Learning another language keeps your brain sharp and active. When one uses a word, this word also triggers associations in the brain, brought about by the other languages one knows. Maybe this is why it seems that people who know more than one language are smarter. The numerous mental associations playing in their brain opens new ideas.

Our LATEST Beginners classes are starting on the 1st and 2nd of October, and will be conducted on weekends. To register for a Beginners class or just to know more about our classes – REGISTER HERE or call 98700 90966 for details.

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