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Avanse Financial Services Ltd.
302, 3rd Floor, Kumar Plaza,
Kalina - Kurla Road, Near Kalina Market,
Santacruz East, Mumbai- 400029.


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With growing aspirations of a successful career, students and young professionals want to pursue quality education abroad especially at premier institutes. This can be an expensive proposition, but if one has the ambition, aptitude and opportunity, one should definitely opt for an international degree to further future career prospects. Education financing is the most feasible solution for such aspiring students.

Avanse Financial Services Limited is one of India’s fastest growing education finance company committed to facilitating and fulfilling academic dreams of talented young students. With its new age, flexible and tailored financial solutions, Avanse addresses higher education needs of Indian youth enabling them to ‘Aspire without Boundaries’.

Avanse believes in working with and guiding students through the entire process of planning and funding their education and has been a preferred partner to students for its flexible solutions and high standards of service. This approach has enabled AVANSE to fund the education of over 10000 students in India and over 45 countries including US, UK, Australia etc. Avanse has presence in 15 locations -Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Raipur, Kolkata etc and also leverages the DHFL network for additional reach and access across various other locations.

Benefits of Avanse to Students

  • 100% Education Finance – No Margin Money
  • Funding includes course fee and the living expense
  • No Upper Limit on Loan Amount
  • Door-step, transparent and hassle-free documentation process
  • Customized Loan Solutions
  • Easy, time-bound loan processing
  • Fastest one day education loan sanctioning
  • Timely, direct payments to the Institute meaning Zero margin money
  • Flexible Repayment Structuring
  • Tenure extension upto 120 months

Based on the applicants’ admission status, Avanse offers a range of product features:

  1. Bridge Loan: that covers preadmission and education expenses such as costs of test preps, consultant fees, admission applications, course fees and living expenses.
  2. Pre-admission loan: Helping students to obtain a confirmation of their admission abroad by submitting proof of funds.
  3. Pre-visa disbursement loan: Helps students to secure I-20(USA) / visa, and obtain a confirmation of their admission to an institute / university abroad.
  4. Certificate of availability of funds: for students seeking admission to an institute or university in USA. This enables them to prove that the student has sufficient funds for tuition fees and is eligible to reside in the US.

Avanse is led by Mr. Amit Gainda, an accomplished leader with over two decades of experience in the banking and financial services industry. Amit has a long term vision for Avanse along with deep experience in building businesses from an inception stage, sharp insights in managing complexities of scale and expertise in steering business strategies across various lending portfolios with a focus on ensuring sustained financial performance. Led by his strategic guidance and supported by an able team, Avanse is well poised to further strengthen its position in the education finance segment.