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Partner Testimonials

We constantly interact with education specialists from various colleges, top universities and business schools. We present ‘Knowledge Sessions’ at premier institutes and help students demystify any myths that they have on studying abroad.
Read our corporate testimonials to understand how we collaborate with other organizations – We shape the minds and ambitions of students worldwide.

Shruti Mittal

Chairperson, FICCI Flo, Bangalore

Kudos to Vibha Kagzi and her team at ReachIvy for putting together a fantastic learning event for us at FLO Bangalore. Thoroughly professional, Coordination with them was seamless irrespective of geographic locations! Our members had great take-home value from the interactive Goal setting workshop – simple, doable & effective. The module on executive education was inspirational and opened our eyes to how much is available to suit everyone’s time constrains! The Knowledge Session for our young brigade was a comprehensive overview for anyone looking to pursue education overseas.
Complete pleasure working with them – more power to Dynamic Vibha and her team!

Emma Case

Assistant Director of Admissions, Columbia Business School

My experience with ReachIvy.com was great – the team there is warm, wonderful, and knows how to maximize the time for an event. I enjoyed meeting all of the prospective students who attended the session and learning about what is motivating them for graduate school study. Overall, it was a wonderful experience working with ReachIvy.com while I was in India.

Benaifer Kutar

Principal, J B Petit High School for Girls

Vibha is a proud aluma of The J B Petit High School for Girls. She has been kindly sharing her expert knowledge on top schools with our students. She doesn’t talk down to the students, but breaks down the complex nuances of the study abroad options for the young students. They realise new possibilities in their education trajectory once they hear her vast experiences giving their dreams a new mission.

Indu Shahani

Principal, H R College of Commerce and Economics

ReachIvy has always supported the students of H R College of Commerce & Economics whether it is encouraging them as a sponsor in the recently conducted Tedx talk or simply by being a mentor to them. Counsellors from their team have not only moderated a panel on entrepreneurship at our college but also conducted a Knowledge Session for the benefit of the students. My personal interactions with the team verifies that they constantly stay updated with happenings in the education space. We look forward to having the team more often in college

Kalai Selvi

Deputy Principal, Vidyashilp Academy

Our interface with ReachIvy team has been truely inspiring. Having personal experience at an Ivy league, Ms Vibha’s presentations and interaction enthuses our students in very many ways. Her insights not just pertaining to one particular continent but across the globe with impactful maps reflecting the three tier universities indeed adds flavour to our students’ understanding. ReachIvy’s interactive website, constant updates on online video conferences and student testimonials studying at the most favoured universities globally is commendable . On behalf of VSA team I extend my best wishes to all their future endeavours.

Mark Charnley

Manager of Global Marketing, Carnegie Mellon University, Australia

We collaborated with ReachIvy for an event – Masterclass on Big Data. During the planning stages, the only goal that the ReachIvy team had was – How would the event benefit students? With such a clear objective, the event was very well received and hugely appreciated! We look forward to plan many more discussions in the future.

Gaargi Ramakrishnan

Ex Co President, Harvard Club of Mumbai

ReachIvy enjoys a very high quality of networks. HCM has been happy to extend invites to ReachIvy to some of its events. The calibre of the students and other guests attending has always been superior and they elevate the value of the discussion by asking very pointed questions. ReachIvy is truly a world class organization!

Azeem Zainulbhai

Board Director for the University of Chicago Alumni Club of Mumbai, University of Chicago

Vibha and her team tirelessly worked to help my brothers’ through their application process by focusing on the right schools and refining their applications. Importantly, they were able to work across borders effortlessly. I also was part of their Speaker Series on Uchicago which allowed us to present our personal experiences with the school and guide individual youngsters on why Uchicago could make sense for them.

Gayatri Pahlajani

Executive Secretary, LSE Alumni Association Mumbai

“What I like the most about ReachIvy is their genuine commitment towards providing a realistic, well-rounded perspective of studying abroad. Their thorough approach to helping students apply to some of the world’s top schools doesn’t just start and finish with the application process but also focuses on one of the softer, but equally crucial, aspects – the student experience.
My association with ReachIvy started by being a panelist on one of their Speaker Series, which enables potential students to get a thorough grasp of what it takes to both survive and shine in the university of their choice. I would be delighted to be part of their future panels and recommend them to friends seeking professional guidance.”

Smriti Gupta

Executive Committee member, INSEAD Alumni Association

I was invited to be part of the panel for ReachIvy’s Speaker Series on European schools. The panel was well structured and put together with insightful questions that gave aspiring students an honest picture of college life on and off campus. Few institutions make the effort to put together a diverse set of speakers to give students a comprehensive view that helps them make a decision about a particular institution or geography, and it’s great that ReachIvy does so.

Animesh Priya

Ex City Director, Teach for India

ReachIvy recently visited our Chennai site to conduct a Knowledge Session for the benefit of the Fellows who are interested in Graduate school. In spite of a packed schedule, the Fellows made sure that the session went ahead as quite a few of them registered for the event. The Fellows were very happy with the session and were able to learn a lot about the complex study abroad options. The team ensured that the presentation addressed the academic interests of the Fellows. We would love for ReachIvy to make their visit an annual feature!

Arjita Kulshreshtha

The Entrepreneurship Cell, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

ReachIvy has been a constant support for the students of IIT, Bombay. Whether it is being a part of our panel and sponsor at the Entrepreneurship Summit or connecting the finest mentors to our students; ReachIvy has always been there for us. We hope that ReachIvy continues to mentor our students and help them gain perspective to their education and professional goals.

Ambika Gupta

Ex President, Young FICCI Ladies Organisation

In my tenure, the ReachIvy team has been extremely forthcoming to our members – Whether it is inviting them to Knowledge Sessions or Speaker Series. Or giving our members access to various events in the education space or giving their time to moderate our speakers at YFLO events. We look forward to a deeper realtionship in the years to come!

Rajika Seth

Ex Alumni Impact Manager, Teach for India

Teach for India and ReachIvy share a great rapport! They are always willing to extend their support to our Fellows. The Fellows enjoy free access to all of ReachIvy’s Knowledge Sessions. Any new opportunity that ReachIvy thinks might interest the Fellows is extended to us. A lot of Fellows use the ReachIvy services for their applications to top tier schools globally. Look forward to many many more events together, ReachIvy!

Manish Chokhani

Managing Director and CEO, Alliance Holdings

My son worked with ReachIvy on his application. I have been a panelist for ReachIvy’s Speaker Series. In both my interactions, I noticed one thing – what the ReachIvy team does, they put their best efforts to it. They encourage the person to think and provide them with enough food for thought to put their best foot forward. I congratulate ReachIvy on their endeavours and will always be happy to offer my expertise any time they require it.

Rohit Mohindra

Director, True North Learning Systems Pvt. Ltd.

ReachIvy is a best-in-class educational advisory – I have personally attended most of the ReachIvy Speaker Series. And every one of them has been an extremely informative one. I am amazed to see the high quality networks that the ReachIvy team enjoys. It is heartening to see that they willingly share knowledge with interested students and parents.

Bharati Thakore

Director, Education World & Education World Films

Our team at Education World has met ReachIvy at several industry events. I have witnessed how they have been successful and would definitely recommend them to anyone considering study abroad. They have harnessed technology to build a global scalable business helping students not only in India but across the world. Team ReachIvy, looking forward to many more interactions!