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Our Forté

99% students admitted who took our 5 school package
100% of counselors have studied at top global schools
100% of our students work with us virtually
Global Network of Clients From Over 30 Countries
Secured Scholarships of Over US$500,000
0% commissions or referral fees taken from any college
Audience Reach in 753 cities from 136 countries

  • Experience Experience

    • Graduates from top-ranked colleges
    • Holistic perspective on the entire process
  • Virtual Virtual

    • 100% online, skype only service
    • Global team can work with applicants across countries
  • Network Network

    • Rich network of students, professors and alumni from the USA, Europe and Asia
    • Experience with top schools such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford etc.
    • Rounded and holistic perspective on admissions
  • Approach Approach

    • Highly-qualified, seasoned counselors
    • Methodical and rigorous
    • Maximizes your potential to get into the school of your choice
  • Custom-built Custom-built

    • One-on-one program
    • Designed to understand unique profiles, needs and interests
  • Success Success

    • Helped several students reach their dream schools
    • Determined career paths for professionals, students, job-seekers and career switchers

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