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Design your Future: Life & Career Goal Setting Workshop

“It is an empowering session that is very well planned and executed. It helped me think deeply to make my goals/vision more concrete and realistic. Now, I have a tool to capture the exact details I should have to create a realistic and still challenging goal”.
Paridhi Sharma
Curriculum Manager, LEAD School

Who am I and how do I plan for a successful future?

This workshop will help you uncover the answers to these questions, determine your strengths and understand how to leverage them.

You will also craft your vision and set goals across various areas of your life such as: Health & Well-being, Family, Relationships, Physical Environment, Professional Life & Education, Finances and Recreation & Personal Development.

Curated by Harvard alumnus Vibha Kagzi, CEO, Reachivy.com and Neeti Savla, Certified Life Coach (Chief Instructor)

What This Includes

    1. Recognition of your key strengths

    2. Clarification of your core values

    3. Awareness of your life purpose

    4. Designing your 5 Year Life Vision

    1. Identification of 3-4 priority areas of your life

    2. Goal setting in the key areas of your life

    3. Creation of a pathway to achieve your goals in the next 12 months

Please Note: This is an interactive and activity based 3-hour workshop, conducted by an ReachIvy Expert, within a closed group setting.

How It Works

  • 1 Complete your counseling form

    Complete your registration form to block your slot

  • 2 Upload it on to our online platform

    Review pre-reading material

  • 3 Discuss your profile with the ReachIvy Expert via Skype

    Attend the workshop!

Meet Our Experts

Grishma Nanavaty

MBA, Carnegie Mellon University
B.Sc., Warwick University

Shyam Gursahani

MBA, University of Cambridge
B.E., Mumbai University

Aparna Maroo Jain

B.Sc. London School of Economics

Udit Bhatnagar

MBA, IE Business School
B.E, VTU – Karnataka


MBA, Cornell University
BBA, BS, BA, UT-Austin

Ananya Jain

M-Fin, University of Cambridge
B.Com, Delhi University


M.Ed, Harvard University
B.E, Mumbai University

Madhav Pathak

MBA, Indian School of Business
MS, Carnegie Mellon University


MS, Harvard University
BA, Tulane University

Anniruddha Ghoshal

MBA, Cornell University
B.E., BITS Pilani

Ameya Bhangle

MBA, Harvard Business School
B.Sc., St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai

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