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Why do grades matter?

Posted on Jun 28, 2016

Regardless of which Board exam you are taking – IB, iGCSE, A-Levels, Indian Boards – grades do matter, and are a very important aspect of the application. The different types of grades universities require are:

a) Transcripts – Most colleges will require students to submit a transcript – a document listing your academic qualifications and grades – for the last four years of school. So remember, everything from 9th grade onwards counts!

b) School Report – most college applications will also include a supplemental form called the Secondary School Report. It is generally completed by one of the counselors at your school and is also known as the counselor recommendation.

c) Midyear & Final Reports – Colleges require a Final Report from your school. This is another application form that you will give to your school and they will complete and send directly to the college. The form requests your final grades in the 12th, as they were unavailable during application time. A college may also require a Mid-Year Report if you had still not taken your mid-semester exams in the 12th grade when sending your transcripts.

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