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What are the SAT II Subject Tests?

Posted on Jul 01, 2016

There are a number of colleges that require the SAT II (also known as SAT Subject Tests), in addition to the ACT or SAT. These tests are hour-long and content-based, and they allow you to showcase achievement in specific subject areas in which you excel. There are 20 SAT Subject Tests in five general subject areas: English, History, Languages, Mathematics and Science.

• You will want to take the tests that are required or recommended by the colleges that you’re interested in. For example, if you wish to study engineering, then Math may be required. Also consider subjects that you excel in or may want to major in, to showcase your strengths and interests.

• The score for subject tests range from 200 to 800, and yes, you can retake them. Colleges will usually look at your best score.

As you navigate the college search process, make sure you check your university or college website to first identify if (a) Subject Tests are required, (b) how many are required, and (c) if any particular subject is stipulated.

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