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How do I respond to my acceptance letter? What is a ‘firm acceptance’ and ‘insurance acceptance’?

Posted on Jul 01, 2016

Once all your responses from the University are in, there are 3 types of replies you can make to your institutions:

1) Firm acceptance – this is your first choice. If it’s an unconditional offer, the seat is yours! So that college will expect you to attend. By accepting an unconditional offer you are committing to go to that institution. So you can’t make an insurance choice or be entered into clearing. If it’s conditional, the place is yours if you meet the offer conditions. So as a back up, you can pick a second offer, which is known as your insurance acceptance.

2) Insurance acceptance –what is your insurance choice? This is the backup choice to a conditional firm acceptance. You will attend this college ONLY if you do not meet the conditional offer of your firm acceptance but do meet the conditions of your insurance. We recommend that you select a university with a lower conditional offer as your insurance choice. If your final grades are lower then you expected, then hopefully you still met the insurance choice conditions and have a confirmed place at that University.

3) Decline – You will need to decline all other offers you have received

So, remember you can only accept one firm choice and one insurance choice (if you choose to have one). You must decline all other offers.

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