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What do I need to apply for an undergraduate degree in the UK?

Posted on Jul 01, 2016

A complete UCAS form and application has a number of components. So let’s review all the different requirements:
1) UCAS Registration – you need to register with UCAS for your Apply account.
2) Personal Details – once your account is set up, fill in all your pertinent details.
3) Course Choices – next, list your programs. You can choose up to five courses. There’s no preference order and your universities/colleges won’t see where else you’ve applied. There are a few exceptions, including:
a) If you are applying to medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, or veterinary science courses, then you are limited to a maximum of four courses in any one of these subjects.
b) If you are applying to Oxford or Cambridge, them remember you can only apply to only one course at just one of these two universities.
4) Education Details – You must enter all your qualifications, regardless of whether you have the grades or you’re still awaiting exams and results.
5) Employment History – In this section, you can enter details for up to five paid jobs, full-time or part-time.
6) Personal Statement – This section provides you with the opportunity to show universities and colleges why you want to study the course and why you would be an ideal candidate.
7) Reference – this is a letter of recommendation from a teacher, adviser, or professional who knows you academically.
8) Application Fees – the last step before sending the application.
9) Additional Requirements – if you are applying to a program that requires additional materials or exams then research the university’s website to ensure that you have met all their specifications.

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