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What is the difference between a resume and CV?

Posted on Feb 23, 2017 by ReachIvyOutreach

For academic purposes the two words are interchangeable and used based on which part of the world you are in. They both should provide a complete snapshot of your academic, professional and other relevant activities unless the school provides you with specific instructions/requirements.READ MORE

What financial aid options does my university offer?

Posted on Jul 07, 2016 by ReachIvyHelp

As each university has its own policies for international students, we strongly recommend that you: • Speak to the right contact at the University – it might be the International Student Services Department or the Financial Aid Office. It is important to be in contact with specific colleges of interest to determine whether each college..READ MORE

Where and how can I get funding?

Posted on Jul 07, 2016 by ReachIvyHelp

1. Personal Funding – This is one of the most popular ways. It generally involves funding through family, relatives or your own savings. 2. Company Sponsorship – Some organizations may fully or partly sponsor individuals for their postgraduate education. 3. University Aid – This includes: a) Merit-based scholarships, which are granted on the basis of..READ MORE

How much will an MBA cost?

Posted on Jul 07, 2016 by ReachIvyHelp

The average cost at a top university for the 2015 academic year is: US$75,500 /year. A number of factors influence this number, including: • Tuition fees, which vary depending on the program duration (1 year, 2 year) location (campus/city) and type of institution (public/private). • Living costs including rent, transportation, insurance, etc. • Personal lifestyle...READ MORE

How do I prepare for the admissions interview?

Posted on Jul 07, 2016 by ReachIvyHelp

The interview is a critical final step in the application process. This is when you really have the chance to “wow” your interviewer. The interview will be conducted by either the admissions board or an alumnus of the school depending on the interview process of each school. The interviews can take place on campus, in..READ MORE

Whom should I ask for a letter of recommendation?

Posted on Jul 07, 2016 by ReachIvyHelp

In general, your letters of recommendation should come from your primary supervisor at your current and previous place of work. However, review the application instructions thoroughly to determine the specific requirements.READ MORE

How many letters of recommendation do I need?

Posted on Jul 07, 2016 by ReachIvyHelp

In general, most universities ask for two letters of recommendation. However, there are a few that ask for either 1 or 3. Make sure that you check the college website to determine exactly how many are required.READ MORE

Why are letters of recommendation important?

Posted on Jul 07, 2016 by ReachIvyHelp

Your letters of recommendation can reveal a number of things about you to the admissions office, including your success at work, leadership skills, academic strengths, areas of interest, personal qualities, emotional intelligence and community service. They offer insights that indicate who you are, your potential, and whether you are a right fit for the college..READ MORE

Why are essays important?

Posted on Jul 07, 2016 by ReachIvyHelp

The admissions committees at top schools are looking for an impressive and multi-dimensional applicant who will be able to maximize what he/she gains from and contributes to the school. Essays help you vividly express your story arc – they provide you with the opportunity to showcase who you are and how you think. By articulating your..READ MORE

What should my resume include?

Posted on Jul 07, 2016 by ReachIvyHelp

Here’s a suggested breakup: • Header – Name, Address, Phone Number, Email address • Education & Academic Work • Professional Experience (or internships) • Leadership Experience • Skills and Interests Finally there may be a heading for Certifications or Publications. It will really depend on your personal background. Remember, the MBA resume can generally only..READ MORE