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Terms And Conditions

  1. All ReachIvy content (textual, visual and graphic material) is copyright protected. It cannot be replicated, reproduced or shared. ReachIvy is a division of Reach Education Pvt. Ltd.
  2. ReachIvy does not permit you to share your username and password with anyone. The user account is only for the student’s use. ReachIvy may cancel or suspend your account if you share your login information with others.
  3. ReachIvy reserves the right to terminate your account at any point without prior notification to you.
  4. While it has been observed that students who opted for a College Selection session with our experts enjoyed a higher success rate, ReachIvy is a merit-based, independent organization with NO college affiliations/tie-ups and does not guarantee or promote admissions to any specific schools.
  5. ReachIvy reserves the right to change its pricing and policies without any prior notice.
  6. The application work will only commence once ReachIvy receives full payment for the service. No part-payments/installments are permitted.
  7. Our charges exclude any bank/transfer fees. ReachIvy will not bear any bank charges/transfer fees.
  8. Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be applicable on all payments made within India.
  9. Only ONE promotional offer can be applied on an application package at any given point of time.
  10. We do not offer any refund / deferral / adjustment / exchange of services.
  11. All standalone services are valid for a period of three months from the date of purchase.
  12. Counseling packages are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
  13. All application packages are valid till the end of the financial year (March 31st) in which the student is applying. Year of application will be mentioned on the invoice.
  14. Incremental packages are applicable if comprehensive application packages are purchased within the same financial year.
  15. Failure to submit the questionnaire/requisite documents duly filled and submitted via email at least 48 hours prior to the session will result in cancellation of your session.
  16. For Masters/MBA the sessions are conducted with the student only.
  17. Only microsoft word and microsoft excel formats will be accepted on our platforms.
  18. For applications, we help with short answers over 150 words or 1500 characters.
  19. We do not write essays for students. Our team of experts help with brainstorming and ensure that a stellar essay is submitted post multiple edits.
  20. If you are applying for any dual degrees, applications for the same would be considered independently.
  21. Essays brainstormed will be the ones edited. Essays once brainstormed cannot be replaced with other essays/essays pertaining to another college application.
  22. Financial Aid/ Scholarship Letter/ Wait List Letter/ Post Interview Essay/ Re-applicant Essay are not included in our application packages. Students can avail of the same as an add on to their respective application package.
  23. If you do get accepted after working with ReachIvy on the application, you will provide a high-resolution photograph (2MB) and/or a 2-minute testimonial on the impact ReachIvy had on your application.
  24. Last Minute Panic Packages shall cover upto 4 essays per school (upto 2000 words totally).
  25. We shall provide free assistance on a 2 comprehensive application package to any student who has worked with us on 7 schools or more and did not receive an Interview invite in the current cycle. Students can avail of this free assistance in their current or next consecutive year.
  26. Our expertise is clearly defined in the scope of a package across the website/payment link/invoice. We do not fill in application forms or visa related forms on behalf of students.

Terms and conditions for Events held in Reachivy Office.

  1. For any paid events the fees charged is Non Refundable and Non Transferable to other student or for any other event.
  2. Parents/Guardians attending the event will have to register and pay the applicable event fees.
  3. Time: The In office event is held for 1 hour.
  4. 20 Minutes from that hour will be dedicated for students Q&A.
  5. Reporting time: Students are required to report to the venue 15 minutes before the start of the event.
  6. In case of walk in students or Parents or Guardians: for the paid events you are required to pay the applicable event fees at the time of entry.