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Resume Review FAQ

When should I reach out?

We recommend that you reach out to us 4 months to 5 days prior to your college application deadlines. If you are applying for a study abroad program for High school, Undergraduate,Masters, MBA or Executive Education, email us for our resume review service so we can help you refine your résumé! The earlier you start working with us, the easier it will be to reach your dream college.

How should I contact ReachIvy for a review resume ?

1. Click here to Submit your Query.
2. Once our team has reviewed your query in detail, we will email you a link to make your payment.

What documents do I get access to when I sign up for the service?

You will get access to the following documents:
i. Resume Template - You will be given access to a resume template that you can download and use to build your resume. All top universities and schools approve this template.

ii. Resume Editing manual - This manual gives you formatting and writing tips to help you understand the basics of resume writing.

Once you have reviewed the manual, you will upload your first draft based on the template.The resume will go through 2 – 3 detailed line edits until our editor signs off on the document. We maintain a very high quality check on the resumes; our editor will push you to get the best out of you.

Does this service require scheduling a session?

No. You do not need to schedule a session. Your resume editor will collaborate with you on our collaborative online platform.

How do I upload my resume?

Review the resume-editing manual and follow the instructions on how to upload your resume drafts.

How quickly can I expect a revert from the editor?

Each document will be reverted to within 3 working days of submission. On average we revert in less than 2 working days.

How many days will the resume be closed in?

The resume will be closed in a maximum 7 working days from the day of the first upload.

How much does the session cost and how can I pay for it?

Our pricing information is confidential.
Payments can be made in 2 easy steps:
1. Click here to Submit your Query.
2. Once our team has reviewed your query in detail, we will email you a link to make your payment.

Where can I access my documents?

On registering, you will be invited to our online collaborative platform. You will receive an email notification to create a username (your email id) and password for your account. All documents will be shared via this platform. Each registration is for a single user only.

Where can I give feedback post my session?

We would love to hear from you. Please give you feedback here .

Terms and Conditions:

Please click here to view our terms and conditions.