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Have a lot of questions related to studying abroad or career growth? Don’t shy away from clearing your doubts.

This page of FAQs covers a wide range of questions that can pop into your mind. Get your study abroad or career counselling queries answered right away. Feel free to submit a query if you have more questions!


1.  What services does ReachIvy offer?

We offer end to end solutions that help you get accepted to an Ivy League or other top ranked schools globally. We also help with career related services like the career test, linkedin profile review and resume editing.  All our services are explicitly listed here .

Our expertise lies in profile building, resume writing, letters of recommendation and SOP/essay writing, editing, mock interviews and ding analysis.

2.  Do you have any branches?

No.  We do not have any branches. Our corporate office is in Mumbai, India.

We have worked with students across 30 countries and our counselors too are based globally. All our sessions are conducted online/virtually. We collaborate with students on our online platform. Our virtual presence allows us to guide students irrespective of their location.

3.  Do you offer any free consultations?

We do not offer any free consultations. We firmly believe that to offer adequate guidance and assist you, our counselor needs a dedicated hour long session to fully understand your profile and ONLY then provide recommendations.

4.  How can I reach you?

Please register on our website and submit your query. We will revert to you in at most 48 hours (2 business days). Emails are preferred as a means of communication over phone, as we have a record of your requests and can respond appropriately.


1.  Who are your counselors?

Our counselors have all studied at top schools and are based across the globe. We are able to bring their expertise to you via Skype in the comfort of your home. You can view their profiles here.

2.  Do I get to select my counselor?

We have domain experts for each degree; we will connect you to a counsel or that suits your particular need after reviewing your profile!

Your profile is personally discussed with the core team including our Founder who is a Harvard Business School alumnus.

3.  How will the counselor be matched to me?

We have domain experts. The counselor who is best equipped to assist you will be matched to you. The counselor’s profile will be shared with you prior to the session.

Study Abroad

1.  What is the best time to get in touch with ReachIvy?

To put your best foot forward, and build a stellar profile, you should get in touch anywhere between 4 years to 6 months before you apply. Simply put – the earlier, the better.

2.  What do I need for the session?

You only need your internet connection, and you are ready to go.  You do not need pen/paper to take notes throughout the call as the Counsellor will provide you with feedback in the “Counsellor Feedback” tab in the Counseling Form.

3.  How many counseling sessions do I need?

This depends entirely on the stage you are at in the application process. In general, students require 4 -6 counseling sessions in a year. These are personalized sessions with our experts, customized to your specific needs and requirements. Counsellors will map and record your progress with a session every 2-3 months to ensure that you have a strong, competitive profile by the time application deadlines come around.

4.  Can I schedule a session over the weekend?

We have a range of slots available through the day, and on Saturdays. You will receive a link to the counselors’ calendar and can book your session per your availability. All our counselors work Monday to Saturdays and for extreme cases we can schedule a session on Sunday too. We strive to ensure flexibility and convenience for our candidates!

5.  What happens if I forget about my session or miss it?

If you miss a scheduled session you will need to make another payment for your next session. We offer no refund or cancellation allowances. Just as we take your time very seriously, we also want to ensure that we similarly respect our counselors’ time.

6.  Can my parents, friends or siblings join my session?

For a prospective high school or undergraduate student, one or both parents are permitted in the session. For all other degrees, sessions are strictly one-on-one. Siblings, friends, and other family members are strictly not permitted.

7.  Do you assist students to pursue further studies in India?

We are happy to assist if you are applying to schools in India that require the services we offer i.e. counseling, essay editing, resume building, interview preparation, etc.

8.  Are my documents confidential?

All documents and interactions between ReachIvy and our student/professional clients are strictly confidential. We strongly suggest not sharing details of your sessions/documents with any friends.

9.  I did not attain the standardized score that was suggested by my counselor. What should I do?

Write to help@reachivy.com giving the update to your counselor. Please schedule your 2nd attempt at the first available date. Aggressively work with tutors / center and practice to significantly boost your score.

10.  If I have a gap year can I still apply to top schools?

Yes, most colleges are open to admitting students who have taken a gap year. We recommend scheduling a counseling session so ReachIvy experts can take stock of your profile and help you weigh your study abroad options.

11.  Do I have to take the IELTS/TOEFEL?

A number of schools issue TOEFL/IELTS waivers if certain prerequisites are met or, if your undergraduate degree was taught in English and/or if you score well in your GMAT/GRE  – however there are some that still require it. Please check the website of each of the schools you are applying to for details.

12.  I have completed my graduation via Distance education? Would it be considered a valid degree?

Yes, if you have completed your graduation from an accredited university, it will be considered as a valid degree. However, it is best to confirm directly with the college you wish to apply to if the accreditation is valid and if you qualify.

13.  Would one year of articleship done as part of my CA considered to be work experience?

It depends on whether the articleship was done during college or post completion of your undergraduate degree. Most programs will consider the articelship as full time work experience only if the work was done post graduation and not during college.

14.  I do not want to take the GMAT. Are there any top schools accepting students without a GMAT score?

Most top schools need a GMAT/GRE score. However, please check the respective college websites for instructions on submitting test scores.

We recommend scheduling a counselling session so ReachIvy experts can help you weigh your study abroad options.

15.  I do not have a strong GMAT/ GRE score. Can I still hope to get into a top school?

While it is imperative to have a strong GMAT/ GRE score for admissions in top schools, you need to supplement the score with a strong and diverse profile. We recommend scheduling a counselling session so ReachIvy experts can help you with specific recommendations on building your profile for top schools.

16.  Should I come to ReachIvy with a GMAT/ GRE/ SAT test score in hand?

We strongly recommend scheduling a counselling session when you first think of studying abroad. Students typically start working with us 4 years to 6 months before their application deadlines. Apart from your GMAT/ GRE/ SAT scores, having a strong profile is imperative. ReachIvy experts will guide you holistically towards getting an admit in a top school.

Study Abroad Applications

1.  What happens once I sign up for a full application?

We work with students across the globe on our online collaborative platform Box.com. You will be given access to your folder, several manuals and documents on Box; this will assist in building your application.

Learn more about the application service here.

2.  What is the difference between counselling and college selection?

Counseling: This service is recommended at least 4 years prior to application till 1 month before starting your applications.

College selection: You will be asked to fill in a detailed form prior to your session. Your counselor will do an in-depth analysis of your profile and goals and end this session with a finite list of colleges.

3.  Do you offer a combo pack for counselling session and college selection?

Counselling session and college selection are two different services and are therefore conducted separately.
We recommend you begin with a counselling session so that we can take stock of your profile and determine next steps to enhance it.

College selection will be conducted closer to applications with your strengthened profile and after you have incorporated the suggestions made by the counselor.

4.  What are the standard application requirements?

The standard application requirements include: 1) Application Form 2) Application Fees 2) Letter of Recommendation(s) 3) Essays/SOP 4) Resume 5) Standardized test results 6) English proficiency results 7) Transcripts

5.  Many schools ask for awards and recognition. What can I enter here?

Given the space constraint, select awards and recognitions that are more recent and showcase larger impact. Since the prompt says “recognition” you can mention anything you consider a special recognition as well – just explain why it was special / unique / out of the ordinary.  It should classify as an accomplishment.

6.  What is rolling deadlines?

Rolling admissions offer a large application window for students to apply. They have an ‘applications open’ and an ‘applications end’ date. Students can apply on a “rolling” basis anytime between these dates. Colleges respond to applicants as the applications come in instead of waiting until after a particular deadline. Students who apply earlier in the cycle may secure an admit earlier and have a decision in hand well before the admissions decisions of other schools are announced.

7.  What is early decision?

Early decision (ED) is a admissions term used by colleges. By choosing to apply ED to a college, the applicant signals that this institution is his or her top choice.

An ED admit is binding — if accepted under the ED program, the applicant is bound to attend the college.

8.  Can I submit my GMAT/ GRE/ TOEFEL/ IELTS scores to colleges after I submit my applications? How long can I wait post submitting my application?

Each college maintains distinct process guidelines. Please check the respective college websites for instructions on submitting scores. Most colleges will require you to submit scores before the application deadline.

9.  When should I apply for scholarships?

Each college offers distinct scholarship programs. We suggest you check on the individual college website to understand what they offer and the rules and deadlines for the same.

Some colleges will automatically consider you for a scholarship based on your college application and some will require a separate scholarship application to be completed. Please check the respective college websites for information on how to apply for their scholarships.

10.  Should I upload my documents in word or pdf?

Each college maintains distinct process guidelines. Please check the respective college websites for instructions on uploading documents. Unless otherwise specified, please upload the document in pdf.

11.  Can you help me with video essays in my application?

If you have the question(s) in hand then we are happy to include and ideate them in the brainstorming session.  However, if you do not know the questions then you can sign up for the interview prep service and practice your answers with ReachIvy expert.

12.  Do I have to be thorough with my brainstorming document?

Yes. Please give us a complete and coherent snapshot of your life thus far. Give us all the stories even though you may consider them to be small or  irrelevant. Your counselor will help you sift through everything. More data is better than less.

We strongly recommend spending time thinking and completing the brainstorming document before the session so you can utilize the session to ask your questions.

We need the stories to come from you as your voice needs to come through in the application.

13.  Can I re-do my essay story once my brainstorming session is done and editing has started?

No. We spend considerable amount of time reviewing your brainstorming document and ideating each essay story with you. If an event takes place which might impact your essay story please upgrade to a higher school package and schedule a fresh brainstorming session.

14.  What if my selection and your suggestion of colleges do not match?

We will draw out a list of colleges that based on your profile will be the best fit. If you however feel you would like to apply to a particular college we will support you a 100%.

15.  Do help students with SAT, GRE and GMAT tutoring?

We do not assist with tutoring. But you can review our test prep page to know more about these tests.

16.  What happens when I sign up for the resume review service?

Learn more about the resume editing service here.

17.  How does the editing process work?

Learn more about the essay editing service here.

18.  Do you write the essays for me?

We do not write any essays! We first assist you with firming up of the plot for the essays. This is done in the brainstorming session. The counselor will leave you with a prompt. We also share with you an essay editing manual. All Essays up to 8000 words cumulatively are covered in the comprehensive application package. Assistance on common app and writing supplements on the common app is included in UG application packages. Any additional specialization essays/ portfolio essays will be considered as additional school application.

19.  What happens in an Interview session?

Learn more about the interview service here.

20.  Are my documents confidential?

All documents and interactions between ReachIvy and the students are strictly confidential. We strongly suggest not sharing details of your sessions/documents with any friends.

21.  Do you guarantee admission?

Given that we are a 100% non- agency business and that our forte lies in helping students leverage their profile to reach top tier schools, we cannot guarantee admission.

However, given our expertise and consistent rate of successful admits through all our years of operation, we are confident of delivering a world class service and guiding you holistically to get that admit!

Sign up with us for our best value packages of 7 schools or more to work with our team of experts and join our alumni at a top school. If you don’t receive an Interview invite, enjoy free assistance on a 2 school comprehensive package in the current or next consecutive year.

Career Guidance

1.  Do you offer a package for career counseling?

Yes, we do offer a package of 4 sessions for career counseling. When you sign up for 4 sessions, you get a discount of 10%. In case of a price increase during the year, you do not have to pay anything additional.

2.  Are my documents confidential?

All documents and interactions between ReachIvy and the students are strictly confidential. We strongly suggest not sharing details of your sessions/documents with any friends.


1.  Why do you conduct your sessions on Skype?

This format has been developed after getting feedback from our students. We are able to connect our students and counselors virtually, irrespective of their locations. We have been working with students from all across India and the world on Skype and on our online collaborative platform for years, and it works seamlessly. We are also able to hire top global talent (see our Counsellor profiles), without being confined by geography, so that you get the best expert guidance right in the comfort of your home.


1.  Can I re-schedule my session?

Rescheduling of sessions is not permitted. Full amount of the session will be deducted in case of cancellations and no show for sessions. Please pick a slot with due consideration.

2.  What is your refund policy?

We do not make any refunds.

3.  Can you give an indication of costs involved for the entire application package?

We review our application prices every year. Please register now or send us an email on help@reachivy.com for individual service costs and package details.

4.  How do I make the payment?

You can pay online, cash, cheque or bank transfer. Please register now or send us an email on help@reachivy.com. We will email you the link to our payment gateway upon receiving your email. You can click on the link to pick the services you wish to avail, make the payment and get started to ReachIvy!

The country in which you are currently earning will be the country you are domicile in. Those domicile in India will be charged in INR (GST @ 18% will be additional). Those outside India will be charged in USD, no GST will be applicable.