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Career as Business Consultant

A business consultant offers advice to businesses to help them operate more productively and efficiently. Their duties may include gathering information about problems to be improved, interviewing workers, and making presentations and reports for management. Business consultants may work for the company they are analyzing but are generally hired on contract.

A typical business consultant job would require the following duties to be performed:

1. Sit down with clients to assess and address their situations.
2. Research into clients’ business. Analyze the data to pinpoint the problems and their causality.
3. Presenting findings and recommendations to senior stakeholders.
4. Give solutions and recommendations that fulfil clients’ requirements.
5. Planning & estimating support – resources, timings and cost.
6. Managing project teams including internal and external stakeholders.

Generally, the career path of a consultant moves from analysts, consultant, senior consultant, manager/project lead, partner and vice president/director.

Salaries and Perks

For those with less than 1 year of experience is INR 4.0 – 6.0 Lakhs per annum and as the experience in increases salaries figure also go to as high as INR 12-18 Lakhs per annum for those with 5-7 years of experience. The figures given here are indicative only. Actual numbers may vary. Your ability to earn a good salary depends upon your competence, work experience, and seniority.
Life insurance/disability, paid sick leave, relocation expenses, global exposure and free health club membership are additional perks offered by the top consulting firms in India to its employees.

Top Companies to Work for as Business Consultant

McKinsey, Accenture, BCG, KPMG are the employers of choice in management consulting field. Apart from all these professions we have politicians, sportsmen, actors and persons in the media fields, whose earnings may be periodical but very high. However, this compensation package depends on different regions of India and its cost of living. To be precise topnotch jobs and money paid depends on the organization and necessity of the individual.”

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