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Career in Aviation

Thanks to sweeping changes in the civil aviation industry, the aviation sector has may enviable jobs that aspirants may want to consider as their dream job.
Aviation sector has many avenues for Pilots, Co-Pilots, Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Cabin Crew, Technicians and Ground Duty Service Officers. In 2003-04, India had only three domestic airlines with 123 commercial jets. But now there are many commercial jets and domestic airlines.
Training to be a pilot can be pretty expensive! You may have to pay the steep commercial rate, which is in the region of Rs.2750-3500 per hour.
While a private school may charge as much as Rs.15-20 lakh, the cost of obtaining a CPL in a government-sponsored school works out to Rs.10 lakh plus boarding and lodging, which add up to another Rs.1,500/- p.m.

Salaries for commercial pilots are very attractive, ranging anywhere from Rs.40, 000/- to whopping Rs.4 lakh p.m., depending on the airline. Besides the obvious thrill of going places and seeing the world in five-star comfort, there are several attractive perks that go with the job.

Some of the jobs that are found in the aviation sector are:

1. Flight Attendants
2. Gate Agents
3. Ground Crew
4. National Transportation Safety Board
5. Federal Aviation Administration
6. Transportation Security Administration
7. Aeronautical Engineering

Average salaries for both jumbo pilots and regular pilots (in cargo or passenger airlines) range between 7 Lakhs to 9.5Lakhs INR. Airline stewards and air-hostesses draw somewhere between 4 Lakhs to 6Lakhs INR. Air traffic controllers get 5Lakhs to 6Lakhs INR Lakhs per Annum.