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Top 10 Interview Tips

Preparing for a job interview? Remember it is the little things that count. Even the smartest and the most experienced job interviewer would do well to prepare before going to an interview. The level of preparation may vary depending upon your exposure to interview questions. Here are 10 Must Follow Interview Tips that every candidate should read before heading out for the interview.

1. Find out About the Company.
Stay ahead with all the information you need. Knowing about the company culture, the latest company news, the structure of the company and the department or team the successful job candidate will join gives you a real advantage in the interview. You will be able to tackle questions related to the company’s philosophy, the vision, and what the company forecasts. It will also help you know what position or role you will be playing in the new setup. Research the company and its products and services, and make sure you know the company’s correct name.

2. Arrive Early.
Arriving early is not as important as not arriving late. If you arrived too early, you can wait in the reception area or at a nearby café, so that you can ceremoniously enter at the designated hour. Arriving early also gives you the added benefit of settling down, absorbing your surroundings, and get comfortable in your skin.

3. Maintain Eye Contact and a Pleasant Demeanor.
Nobody wants to hire the Grinch. Avoid the grumpy look. A good interviewee walks in with confidence, and a pleasant smile. You should send out positive vibes in the room. It’s about demonstrating confidence: standing straight, making eye contact and connecting with a firm handshake. A warm smile goes a long way toward establishing a good first impression and rapport with the interviewer.

4. Dress Appropriately. Don’t Overplay or Underplay Your Attire.
You want your potential employer to be able to visualize you in the role. Good grooming and professional appearance are important. Make sure you are dressed in a suitable business attire. Men: Suit, with a formal shirt and a tie. Women: Skirt or pant suit with a formal shirt/blouse. Arrive at least 15 minutes early for the interview.

5. Be an Attentive Listener.
Often, interviewees are so caught up in their head about the interview and how they want to put their best foot forward, they fail to listen to the interviewers. They misunderstand the questions asked to them, rattle off in different directions instead of stating direct answers, or simply talk too much. These are poor signs of communication and should be avoided.

6. Ask Questions Whenever Appropriate.
It is always a good idea to show that you are genuinely interested in the job and the company. If you simply nod your head throughout the interview, the interviewers will not be able to fathom your interest or passion for the job. Seek answers to pertinent questions that show you are smart, and incisive.

7. Carry All the Documents.
Make sure that you are carrying all your documents, and that what you say in the interview supports the rest of your documentation. Even if you have emailed your copy of your CV, it is always recommended that you carry your own copy. Besides your resume, you can carry your work certificates, marksheets or other credentials.

8. Avoid Distractions like Phone Calls, or Messages While on the Interview.
Basic courtesy demands that you keep your phone on silent when the interview is on. Refrain from checking your phone for messages, or emails. If you must keep your phone on, you can put it on silent so that you are not distracted.

9. Don’t Forget to Say ‘Thank You!’
Ensure to write a formal thank you letter/email to your interviewers. Even as you get up to leave at the end of the interview, thank everyone in the room for their time.

10. When the Interview Does Not Go in a Favorable Direction…
Sometimes, interviews can just bomb for no fault of yours. Or perhaps you have not worked hard enough. If something goes amiss, it is always safe to be honest and upfront. If you are nervous, and require time to recover, it is ok to ask for a moment. Nobody’s perfect, and you are not expected to be either. If you find that your interview is going downhill, don’t be too perturbed. Calm down and remind yourself that better opportunities will come by soon. Keep your dignity intact and reexamine the areas that went wrong. This will help you prepare well for future interviews.