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Several students have taken ReachIvy’s career assessment test and identified their ideal career paths. We use online psychometric testing tools to help you embark on your professional journey.
Read our Career Test testimonials to understand how the test can benefit you – We direct you towards the right career path.

“I was very impressed by the ReachIvy Career Compass test. It helped me focus on a completely new industry from the one in which I had been working, before my career-break. It identified my strengths and career-leanings, which I’d always known I had, but never realized their potential in terms of my career-choice. I am so glad that JobsForHer pointed me to ReachIvy!”

JobsForHer Restarter


The report was a good indicator of my main areas of interests and orientation. For people who want to go a bit specific, there is also a section on occupational suitability based on the profile.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to use this tool!”

Kellogg School of Management, Class of 2018

Ishvarya Raman

I enjoyed taking the ReachIvy career test. The test was precise. The questions were comprehensive and they covered a range of interest areas.

The report was also very correct and consistent with the perception that I had of myself.

The test results are in sync to what I have always wanted to do. Thanks for the opportunity

Tata Consultancy Services, Business Analyst

Chinmaya Dave

In the report, the Graph, Personalized Analysis and Comments sections all seemed to be surprisingly accurate. It provided a way for me to validate/ reconsider my self-perception, strengths and weaknesses. The General Profile was also quite accurate and I found it to be generally descriptive of my academic/ career/ extracurricular choices until present as well as my interests. I found the professional recommendations in this section to be useful and appropriate.

Brown University, 2012

Aamer Hassanally

I have to admit it helped me strengthen my stand on where and how I should be heading. I was struggling only for the first few seconds trying to fathom the type of questions. I was extremely happy with a truly impressive analysis as well. Nice job!

I would definitely recomment the test to my friends battling career choices.

ZF India Pvt Ltd, Project Manager

Suraj Sharma

I have done so many tests but the ReachIvy test really gave me clarity on my career choices keeping in mind personal traits as well as professional strengths.

The questions were really interesting and they made me explore my interest areas. The career buckets were extremely comprehensive and very well organised, too!

I would encourage all students contemplating tricky choices to take the test as soon as possible.

IIT Kanpur, Student

Akshay Kumar Reddy

I was pleasantly surprised to take the ReachIvy career test. A test where the questions were not only interesting but also made me think. I was left with a detailed report. This helped me identify my weaknesses and my strengths giving me more clarity and focus about my career.

I would happily recommend this test to my friends and colleagues!

Mensa topper, Student

Saee Pansare

Being an engineering student, career choices, I thought, were limited. But the interesting spin on questions in test made me stop and think. The questions intuitiveness resulted in an accurate perception of myself. It helped me understand how I could play my strong suits and work upon my shortcomings.

IIT Kanpur, Student

Vikrant Kumar

What I loved about the test was the interesting spin on questions that made me stop and think. The questions intuitiveness resulted in an accurate perception of myself. It helped me understand how I could play my strong suits and work upon my shortcomings.

I would most definitely recommend the test to anyone looking to figure out career choices.

Steelcase Inc, Marketing Manager

Gautam Govindraj

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