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Questions to Impress your MBA Interviewer

Posted on Mar 18, 2019
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When applying for an MBA degree abroad, the interview is one of the most important steps in the application process. There are two main parts of the MBA interview process that you would need to prepare for – what the admissions committee or interviewer will be asking you, and what you will be asking them.
The questions from your interviewer will be centered on determining whether you are a good fit for their specific MBA program. Usually at the end of the interview (depending on whether it is more formally formatted or conversation based), you will be given a cue to share any specific questions that you may have for them. Although this is optional, by asking relevant, well thought-out questions, you have a chance to make a strong impression. Thus, the questions that you will be asking them should reflect your genuine interest in understanding whether this particular program is right for you, and whether it is the best investment of your time and money.

Here are the five top tips to prepare the right set of questions to ask for your MBA interview:

  • Have you comprehensively reviewed the program’s website? Although asking questions in the interview is important, you want to make sure that you are not asking questions that are already directly answered on the school’s or program’s website. Effective questions are able to clearly connect your research on the program with specific aspects of your experiences and goals. Questions about the direction and vision of the program and school over the next few years will give your interviewer a clearer picture of how you are thinking about your overall MBA experience.
  • Have you thoroughly reviewed your application details? Re-read your MBA application and comb through the finer details. Through your questions, you want to make sure that you are gathering further information on how you would be able to best maximize your time and effort in this program, as it clearly and specifically relates to your academic background, personal and professional experiences, and unique interests and career goals.
  • Have you planned your set of questions according to the format of the interview process? Are you interviewing with an admissions committee, current student or an alumnus? You need to ensure that you are tailoring your questions to the type of interviewer. If you are interviewing with an alumnus or current student, for instance, you can include questions to learn more about their experiences earning an MBA degree at this particular school. This would be a great way to showcase your passion for the program and interest in the interviewer, and it also provides a concrete segue into more personalized questions and thus your ability to develop a rapport with the interviewer. Questions should be detailed, researched and specific, and could include:
    o How have you most benefitted from this program?
    o Who were your favorite professors?
    o What were your favorite classes?
    o What is a typical day in this program like in the first year?
    o Upon graduation, how many of your fellow classmates would/did you closely work with or for?
  • Have you kept an open mind? It is also important to keep your mind open during the interview itself. If the interviewer shares information during the interview that interests and is relevant to you, feel free to probe them further for more information.
  • Have you identified and prioritized the strongest questions? Once you have a comprehensive list, it is important to identify and prioritize your most compelling questions. Your final question to the interviewer should be “Is there anything else you would like for me to address further?” This allows you to showcase your enthusiasm for attending the school, without directly asking about your acceptance letter, or when you should look forward to hearing back. This also gives you the opportunity to address any mistakes you may have made in your application.

Good luck with your interviews!

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