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Best Science Colleges Around The World For Undergraduate Degree

Posted on Nov 08, 2019
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Choosing science as a field of study opens up a wide variety of options and doors for you. With so many colleges and career choices out there, it gets increasingly difficult to choose just one, right? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of some of the best colleges you can get admitted to for ensuring a successful college life and career.

1. Princeton University
Princeton University is one of the oldest, most renowned university in America. Apart from its excellent Master’s courses in science, it is also known for a variety of undergraduate programs in the field of science. The science department at Princeton offers majors in subjects like Computer Science, Astrophysical Studies, Geosciences, Molecular Biology, Physics, etc.

2. Harvard University
Harvard offers a variety of courses while pursuing an undergraduate degree in Science. The university is well equipped with facilities like laboratories, scientific equipment, clubs, etc. to enhance your learnings. Harvard also provides cutting edge research opportunities for budding science undergraduates. Some of the courses offered are Astrophysics, Computer Science, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Human Evolutionary Biology, etc. Computer Science and Bachelor in Physics are the most popular courses at Harvard.

3. McGill University
Located in Montreal, Canada; McGill is one of the three Canadian institutions to feature in Times’ top university ranking. It also has the highest average admission grade and the lowest acceptance rate in Canada. BSc in Agriculture and Environmental science is one of the most popular courses offered by the university. It is also one of the top 20 Med School in the world. Apart from this the university also offers majors in Atmospheric Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics, Biology, Neuroscience, etc.

4. NUS
The National University of Singapore or widely known as NUS is the 8th best university in the world for engineering and 13th best for computer science according to Times Higher Education Rankings 2017. It is also popular for courses like Life Sciences, Environmental Studies in Biology, Data Sciences and Analytics, Astrophysics, Pharmaceutical science, etc.

5. MIT
MIT is traditionally known for research and technology, engineering and architecture but there are other courses that are slowly gaining popularity as well. Biology, Physics, Computer science, etc. are other subjects offered by the university. Its contribution to the field of science, especially in physical sciences, biology, and physical sciences has made it one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

6. Stanford
Known for its academic strength and highly-selective status, Stanford is one of the top colleges for science aspirants. The most popular majors at Stanford apart from Engineering and Social Sciences are Computer Sciences, Biology and Biomedical Sciences. Some of the other majors offered at Stanford are- Ecology, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology, Environmental Science and Technology, Introduction to Earth Systems, etc.

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