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A 6 Step Guide to Help Students Write Perfect MBA Application Essays

Posted on Sep 17, 2019
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The essay is arguably among the most critical factors that will decide whether or not you are admitted to the business school of your choice. The MBA application essay or the B-School application essay needs to be answered with a certain prudence that is lost upon most people. While writing the essay, applicants make several mistakes ranging from being dishonest, impassionate, unconvincing, to answering hypothetical questions and making silly grammatical errors in a rush.

No matter what these are, these silly errors in your MBA application essay may thwart your top b-school ambitions. However, these can be fixed by keeping a few basic things in mind:

1. Look Before You Write
It is highly important to approach this with the correct frame of mind such that it turns into a successful MBA application essay. Before you start writing the MBA application essay, you need to know the audience that will be reading it – namely, the admissions committee of a given b-school, whose taste in a candidate lies in line with the university’s vision. Other than that, it is important to know on what basis you will be judged, and demonstrate these skills in your essays accordingly:

  • Leadership potential
    Intellectual capability
    Career goals
    Personal characteristics
  • 2. Answer the Question; Stop Beating Around the Bush
    The first trap most MBA applicants fall into is this – they read the question, ponder endlessly on what they think the admissions committee wants to hear, and write vague, insubstantial answers that are the written equivalent of a ramble. While it is prudent to bear in mind who will be reading your application, it is only something that must give you a basic direction in which to work, and not a tool that drives every single aspect of your essay.

    3. The Word Count Isn’t a Number to Play With
    Sure, you’re the best accounts person your company has seen, and your knack for playing around numbers and manipulating them is paramount. However, keep that knack away from the word-count on your MBA application essays, please. Do not overshoot it – the admissions officers have to process hundreds of applications, and it is important to concisely capture their attention and stand out.

    4. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Silly)
    Of course, a vast vocabulary and sophisticated communication skills are exceptional skills to possess. However, please understand this: Do not use big words and complex phrases just because you wish to show them off.
    Chances are, you might end up muddling your communication, and end up looking pretentious. Instead, you simple, clear language and let the content be king.

    5. Be Mature
    A level of maturity is naturally expected of anyone that wishes to study at a top B-school. Stay away from pathos in your arguments and back them up with sufficient evidence, avoid ranting at all costs and rely on rational, logical thought processes to present your case. This will establish a strong sense of the individual given that none of what you say is clouded by hysteric emotion.

    6. Edit, Edit, Edit Some More, then Edit Again
    First drafts are never perfect. Nor are the second ones. To attain perfection and avoid silly errors of grammar and punctuation, to ensure you have stayed on point throughout your application essay, sleep over it and edit it. Do not write it in a single go and leave it be. Our advice is, get a second pair of eyes to have a look at your essay – a counsellor, professor, or a close friend/relative. You can never edit/proof-read your application essay enough.

    These are just the preliminary steps to writing that perfect B-School Essay. Need in-depth, hands-on assistance? Contact us today.

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