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Why Is Work-Life Balance Important And How Can You Achieve It?

Posted on Nov 01, 2019
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Workplaces are stressful as it is, and if you do not have a healthy work-life balance, more so. It starts with simply answering a call when you are at home or shooting off an email and then escalates to full-blown work. Dedicated employees often wonder about where to draw the line when it comes to overworking. But, maintain a good work-life balance is very important for a happy and satisfied life. Countries like Denmark and France have recognized the value of this balance and strictly adhere to no work after leaving office policy. Here are some of the reasons why work-life balance is important.

  • 1.Maintaining good mental health
  • Your mental health is as important as your physical health. Taking too much work stress can lead to dangerous mental conditions. Overworking can result in burnouts, depression and even suicide. Stress at work is likely to impact both the quality and quantity of sleep an employee gets. Your learning ability, appetite, and mood suffer because of it as well. So, unless you want to lose your sanity, maintain a healthy work-life balance

    • 2.Increases productivity

    You may think working for long hours might result is high productivity. But that is not the case. Your brain starts slowing down after a certain point and there may not be much value added to your work. So, instead of relentlessly working for long hours, you can actually deliver better results by doing your best in a specific amount of time. A work-life balance will enable you to produce work of better quality

    • 3.Healthy personal relationships

    Your personal relationships might get affected if you spend too much time thinking about your work. You need distractions from your regular stressful life. Overworked employees have less time for family, friends and pursuing any personal interests. Having a work-life balance would help you build strong relationships with your family members and friends.

    • 4.Ensures a happy workplace environment

    Who doesn’t like working in a happy environment? A healthy work-life balance ensures a work atmosphere where people would willingly want to work. Isn’t it a great feeling going to the office and being excited about your work? A healthy environment would do that for you.

    • 5.You only live once

    You might have heard a lot of youngsters saying ‘YOLO’ or you only live once. It might be a slogan for rebellious acts but it is also something workaholics need to seriously consider. Living your life to the fullest is every person’s dream. Is work really stopping you from doing that or are you letting work stop you? Why do you wanna spend your life full of worries when you could be doing so many things you are interested in. A healthy work-life balance would help you spare time for your passions and hobbies.

    How can you achieve it?
    Now that you know the importance of work-life balance, here are some ways in which you can achieve it
    1. Don’t hesitate to take some personal time off
    2. Don’t bite more than you can chew
    3. Rest and sleep well
    4. Spend quality time with family and friends
    5. Spare time for your hobbies
    6. Go on vacations
    7. Exercise and meditate
    8. Unplug from technology whenever necessary

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