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Top Universities for Environmental Studies

Posted on Feb 18, 2020
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“We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment”- Margaret Mead

Keeping the above quote in mind, students and the youth of today have started taking initiatives to save Mother Earth. Colleges have also begun to introduce courses towards the environment to create awareness and solve environmental problems so we all have a promising future.
Planning to pursue a graduate degree in Environmental studies?
Well, it’s a good choice as the degree teaches you to work towards the health of the Earth and the Environment around you. You also get a chance to explore the combination of the physical and biological fields of science to help solve the environmental problems.

Here are some of the top colleges offering environmental study degrees –

Harvard University (Ph.D.)
Students pursuing environmental science and engineering from Harvard, study the fundamental processes and technologies used to safeguard the environment. The college helps the students to develop complex environmental problems and to mitigate human impacts on the environment. Some of the problems faced by students are polluted water, soil, climate, and energy.

The requirements for Harvard’s Ph.D. degree IS CV, transcripts, LoRs, TOEFL/IELTS, Application form and fees

2. Stanford University (Masters)
Stanford University offers a joint degree which is an MBA with an MS in environmental studies or a joint degree with MS in the environment. The students at Stanford work towards the sustainability and technology used for the environment. The students at this course get access to the school of Earth, Energy, and Environment at Stanford.

3.Yale University (MEM)
The university of Yale offers a master’s in environmental management. This program helps the student to focus on the understanding of natural and social systems used for environmental problem-solving.
This MEM program also provides a broad knowledge of the 21st-century environmental challenges and focuses on validating and developing challenges towards environmental challenges. The program also offers specialized subjects like Environmental policies, Climate change and solutions, Energy and environment and so on.

4. University of Pennsylvania (BA)
Upenn offers an MBA degree with a major in BEES (Business, Energy, Environment, Sustainability). This degree focuses on the complex challenges between business and the environment. The course includes Energy markets and policy, Environmental risk and crisis management and environmental sustainability and value creation.

5.Oxford University (MSc)
Oxford University offers an MSc in environmental change and management. The course prepares leaders to be analytical and interdisciplinary in their approach towards environmental issues. The students at oxford examine the environmental causes and impacts and try to find solutions for it.
To get admitted to Oxford the student needs to submit the transcripts, Resume, Essay up to 2000 words and 3 LoRs from which 2 need to be academic.

Lastly, hope you get admitted to the college of your choice and yes thank you for saving Mother Earth.