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Top 10 Tips For Cracking The College Application Process

Posted on Jan 27, 2020
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Planning to apply to a top college abroad? Cracking the application process is the first step towards getting into your dream college. So, here are a few tips that would help lift some stress off your head while taking this crucial step-

1. Start Early. Finish strong!
Start early as you can. It will give you the much-needed head start that would help you stay ahead of the competition. Get your GMAT or GRE scores out of the way. Visit colleges, understand the programs you will be applying to, explore different jobs/internships. Just start building your stellar profile right now!

2. Build Your Academic Profile. Aim for those A’s!

Though academic excellence isn’t everything, it would definitely come to your advantage when you are competing against some of the brightest minds around the world. If you are in school or your final year, do your best to just boost your GPA. Try to score better in the subjects of your interest. Show the school that you have the academic ability to qualify.

3.Engage In Extra-Curricular Activities

The admission officers also look for a holistic profile. Along with academic excellence you need to show them your interests and activities you are passionate about. Take part in school clubs, hone your extracurricular skills, and focus on your hobbies. Participate in interschool or district level competitions. Just explore your passion!

4. Explore Your Career Interests.

The best way to know who you want to be, is by actually trying it out. Theoretically learning a subject is very different from its practical application. If there is a role you have always wanted to try out, do so BEFORE college. Then you would know for sure which direction you want to head in and why! If there is any internship available for you now, then just go do it. You must explore the opportunities out there.

5.Work & Live like a Leader.

In the highly competitive workplaces of today, having leadership skills have never been more important. A leader is someone who motivates and directs others towards achieving the desired goal. If you can demonstrate these skills before getting into college programs, the admission officers know you have the potential to do so even after passing out, thus making you an ideal candidate!

6.Enhance Your Vocabulary.

Read, Read, and read more. If you don’t know the meaning of a word, look it up in a dictionary. If you are interested in any author then read about them and the books they are written. Regardless of the field you choose, good communications skills always come handy!

7. Organize all your tasks every time! Stay orderly.

Application season is a busy period. So, create calendars, make a to-do list, basically do everything you can to stay organized. Make a plan for every small thing you do. Try to deliver before the deadline.

8.Involve Your Family and Friends in your Journey.

Application process is very stressful. So, involve your family members and ask them for help. Sometimes your family knows you better than you know yourself! They can give you unique insights that you didn’t even think about.

9.Learn to stay calm under all circumstances

Anxiety and stress are very common when you are applying for such an important process. But do not let your emotions get the best of you. Take care of your mental health. Rest well. Meditate or do yoga if it helps. Find your own tool/technique to stay calm and use it!

10.Take that Leap of Faith
Do not follow convention or the “safe path”. if something excites you just go ahead and do it. If you really love your work, it won’t seem like work anymore. Think “Will my life change for the better even in the slightest if I take this step?” If the answer is yes then go for it. Don’t settle. Keep moving forward.

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