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Tips for Parents of Students Studying Abroad

Posted on Nov 01, 2019
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When a child wishes to study abroad, it’s not just the desire of the child but the decision of parents, especially if the parent is financing the child’s education.
Other than just financing child education, parents also need to consider factors like investment cost, ROI, university rank, university placements, immigration, and so on.
YES, sending your child abroad is a complex matter indeed. However, it has its own benefits. It helps the child gain global exposure, helps him/her grow a larger networking circle and opens up new global opportunities for them.

As a parent are you worried/confused about the whole studying abroad process? Well, Well, here are some points which will guide you:

  • Discuss career goals with your child

As a parent, you need to talk openly with your child. You need to understand his/her career goals and aspirations. You will need to map out the right career path for him/her. Make sure your child has a clear mindset and liking towards the field he/she chooses.

  • Get the right study abroad counselling

A Study abroad consultant like ReachIvy.com will help and guide your child with the right career choice, based on your current situation and the current market scenario. They will help your child to have a clear and better understanding of which degree he/she wants to pursue and which college he/she should target. ReachIvy.com also helps the child to get admitted into his/her dream university with ease.

  • A Detailed Research

A child does his/her research but as a parent, you need to research whether the university, he/she chooses is good and renowned. You also need to make sure the particular course/specialization your child chooses in that university is good for your child’s future.

  • Challenges faced while studying abroad

To understand the challenges a child faces while they are abroad. You as a parent will need to talk to other parents who have sent their children abroad. You will need to attend study abroad seminars to clear all your queries. Make sure you understand all the challenges and note down points on how to deal with them.

  • A decision on how to finance your child

One of the main concerns about studying abroad is the finance part. You will need to consider not only the tuition fees but also the accommodation fees, food cost, insurance cost, travel cost, etc. As a parent, you also need to decide on how will you finance your child’s education. My advice to you is to make sure you work out a detailed budget plan and estimate the cost accordingly.

  • Travel tips before your child leaves

Once your child is admitted to his/her dream school, as a parent, you will need to get the child medically insured and provide your child with the right vaccinations.
You will also need to explain the laws of the country and provide him/her with the emergency numbers. You will need to provide him with a forex card so he can manage his/her expenses easily.

It is one of the most courageous decisions to take to send your child abroad. A piece of expert advice from reachivy.com can aid in this decision and provide complete assistance. If you ever need guidance on the whole application process for your child education do reach out to ReachIvy.com today!